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Best cheap over-ear headphones for back to work

Now that September arrives, the holidays are postulated as something very far away and the return to work becomes a reality: trips by public transport, walks on the sidewalk, moments of concentration … At this time, most of us enjoy musical accompaniment and , for this, we need some cheap headband headphones for our mobile.

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Today, we can see many people with the typical headphones that are inserted into our ears, such as AirPods or Samsung Buds. But these types of gadgets can be somewhat annoying for some users, since many times, until we buy them, we do not know exactly how we are going to feel with them.

The solution is usually go to headband headphones: the classic helmets joined together with a strap that is fastened on our head. On many occasions, these types of peripherals solve the possible discomforts that can be caused by putting a headset into our ear, in addition to bringing with them some advantages.

The main one is that passive noise cancellation systems They tend to work better, since most headband helmets will cover our ear completely. Another is that, in general, they tend to offer a higher quality than the versions in-ear.

Some issues to keep in mind

When choosing headband helmets to use during our commute to work, we must take into account some points:

Bluetooth Nowadays, there are many mobile phone manufacturers that are starting to ignore the headphone jack port. Also, cables can become uncomfortable in public transport.

Therefore, we must take into account what use we want to give it and if we prefer a wireless version or not.

Noise cancellation systems. As we have said before, many models of this type have a passive noise cancellation system: the ear pads. But high-end headphones can have active systems, which makes us hear practically nothing from the outside.

This is not really important, unless we are bothered by the noise of public transport or that our work requires it.

Autonomy. Few things are more annoying than running out of battery in the helmets during a trip, that is why it is very important to look at the autonomy of the headphones that we are going to buy. The most advisable thing is that it does not go below 8/10 hours of use.

Weight. Although it is something that goes unnoticed, you have to take into account the weight, the headband and the pads that the helmets have. This can be crucial, especially for those of us who wear glasses, since these types of aspects can harm us in prolonged use.

Philips SHB-3175BK / 00 BASS +

For 50.57 euros, Philips SHBs are one of the best options without even approaching a hundred euros. It is a foldable and cordless model, so it is really easy to transport and store.

The pads are very useful as a passive noise cancellation system and, in most cases, will allow us to enjoy the sound of our mobile without problems. In addition, it has a built-in microphone to be able to take calls without having to take them off.

JBL Tune500BT

JBL is one of the big brands when it comes to audio and the Tune500BT helmets offer a very good quality / price. For 39.94 euros, these Bluetooth headphones are postulated as a great alternative for those looking to spend little but without giving up good sound.

The Tune500BT has somewhat small ear pads, so they do not cancel noise well, but their sound quality (JBL Pure Bass technology) is surprising compared to similar models. These helmets also have an autonomy of up to 16 hours of use and a charging time of two hours, making it very useful for travel.

Sony WHCH510B.CE7

For 50 euros (34.92 on offer), the Sony WHCH510B.CE7 are already a classic as far as the mid-low range is concerned. Sony wireless headphones are one of the most common options and it is that they combine comfort and price.

With four Bluetooth profiles, the WHCH510B.CE7 achieves great results with virtually any device and with no apparent latency. In addition, if in the previous case the autonomy stood out, in this it is really important: its battery lasts up to 35 hours of use. Plenty of time for the entire workweek.

JBL Tune 500

What if we want to save as much as possible? The JBL Tune 500 is the wired version that simply costs around 25 euros.

It is a very economical alternative for those who do not need, or are not interested in, Bluetooth connectivity. The cable, as usual, is a 3.5mm jack, in addition, like the 500BT, it has JBL Pure Bass technology that optimizes the sound. In addition, as it is not wireless, we will not have any latency or battery problems.

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