Tuesday, September 26

Best game creator of 2021 says he’d rather be shot than implement NFT in his games

Despite the popularization of NFT games, not everyone is excited. Josef Fares, creator of It Takes Two who won the Game of the Year award at The Game Awards (TGA) 2021, stated that he “prefers getting shot in the knee” than putting NFTs in his games.

This is not Fares’ first controversial statement in 2017 during another TGA event. On the occasion Fares let out a “F ***-se o Oscar“, showing his displeasure with such awards with the Oscars and The Game Awards itself.

Fares also points out that NFTs can be included in some games, but not yours, due to their style. In other words, although it’s a good technology, you need to know when and where to use it, otherwise the player won’t have any fun.

Knee Shot or NFT?

The curious point of this story is that Josef Fares’ game was published by Electronic Arts (EA), a famous company and much criticized for including micro transactions, such as loot boxes, in their games.

Despite that, It Takes Two doesn’t contain any of these elements and it was precisely this game that made EA return to win the game of the year award, along with developer Hazelight Studios. The last time EA had won this award was 7 years ago, with the game “Dragon Age: Inquisitoin”.

That said, we need to listen to Fares. After all, it’s not just any person who convinces EA to abandon consumer practices and still manages to win the biggest prize in the gaming industry. In addition, the game has 96% positive ratings on Steam.

“Let me tell you something: any decision you make in a game where you have to tweak the design to make the player pay or do something that makes them want them to spend money, that’s wrong.”

Going further, Fares also stated that CEOs’ opinions are different, after all they just want to make money although, for Fares, gambling is an art. Finally, the creator of It Takes Two also stated that he “prefers to get shot in the knee” than putting NFT in his games.

The producer’s speech was made in an interview with The Washington Post in the last days.

Scams and ugly games

Even though NFTs are a technology that can have a lot of use in the industry, creating real savings in games like the metaverse, it’s also necessary to highlight the downsides.

The first of them are the scams that are already worrying the community, after all, every day, new play to earn (P2E) games are robbing their users who are not looking for fun but easy money.

Furthermore, it is also worth noting that many of these games are so boring, and ugly, that they are duller than a regular job. That is, not all will provide you with fun, especially when you need to make upfront investments.

With that, we cannot say that Fares is totally wrong in his declaration, after all the NFTs aren’t made for every game and in many cases they do more harm than good.