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Best gaming laptop: vote in the Xataka Orange Awards 2021

The Xataka Orange Awards 2021. On November 18, the gala will take place, presented by Joaquín Reyes, in which we will know the best tech products of the year. Voting is already underway and now is the time to decide what the best gaming laptop.

This category has become very interesting thanks to the new generation graphics cards and the increasing refresh rate that we find on the screens of these computers. The chosen ones, as in all categories, are those who have been launched in 2021. They are the following:

Vote for the best gaming laptop

Note: If you are browsing from mobile and the form does not look good, you can vote from here.

For the voting system we use Google Forms, so in order to send your vote you need to be identified in your Gmail (or Google) account in the browser, either desktop or mobile, so that each reader can cast their vote . Thanks.

How voting works

The mechanics of the Xataka Orange Awards 2021 is similar to that of previous editions and is divided into three phases:

  1. Public voting: Over the next few days we will be publishing articles with our categories and the candidates selected by the Xataka team so that you, our Xatakers, can vote for your favorites.
  2. Jury vote: With the finalists that the public has chosen, the Xataka jury and other technology experts will vote for those that are, according to their vision, the best devices.
  3. Choice of winners– Votes from the jury will be combined with those from the public to select the winners, to be announced on November 18.

The selected candidates are devices that went on sale in 2021 or they will do so with a confirmed date before the end of the year. We also include those that were left out last year if they were announced after the Awards. We believe it is the best solution: Unfortunately we cannot celebrate the gala on December 31st and our idea is that the Awards can serve as support in the purchase decision for this last part of the year.

Vote in other categories

During the next few days we will open the voting in the rest of the categories of the Xataka Orange Awards. From here you can see all the categories in which you can already participate.

Thank you very much for participating!

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