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If you are a gamer or someone who is always on the computer, then you should consider buying some of the best keyboard wrist rest. This type of accessory ensures that you don’t put too much stress on your hands or wrists while writing for hours on end. According to some doctors, using them can also help reduce the carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Although some keyboards already come with this type of accessory, if yours doesn’t have it or you want to upgrade, here are our top seven picks for the best keyboard wrist rest in 2021.

HyperX keyboard wrist rest

Why should you buy it? It is the best wrist rest you can buy.

For whom it is? Long-term typists or players.

The HyperX wrist rest is designed to adapt to your setup. A simple rectangle, this accessory does not force you to take a specific position when writing and allows for a variety of different writing positions.

It is also quite durable, as it is made from a cold gel memory foam, ensuring that your hands stay cool and smoothly conform to the wrist rest during long typing sessions. This gel ensures firmness and buoyancy.

If you are a gamer, you might enjoy how clean this wrist rest looks. The top has a spandex-like fabric and the branding is barely visible. It’s designed to slide right under your keyboard and blend in without being too distracting.

Wrist rest for keyboard Leyouyou 520

Wrist rest for Leyouyou 520 ergonomic keyboard.

Why should you buy it? Because of its quality and because it comes with a smaller wrist rest for the mouse.

For whom it is? Users who need something comfortable and affordable.

If you need a wrist rest, but don’t want to spend much more than $ 10, this is for you. This model maintains many of the same features as the others on our list, including foam padding and a superfine fabric, but it’s not expensive.

Please note that this wrist rest also has a unique shape designed for your wrists. Rather than being more rectangular, this one has rounded edges, allowing you to slide your forearms into the right places during extended periods of writing.

The seams are flush with the body, ensuring it’s super comfortable and durable for extended gaming sessions. As a bonus, it even comes with a mouse pad wrist rest, so you have a place to rest your other hand while using the mouse.

Ergonomic wrist rest for Razer keyboard

Why should you buy it? Goes well with other Razer accessories.

For whom it is? Players and anyone with Razer accessories.

When your setup has a lot of Razer-branded gear, then you probably want a matching wrist rest, and this model is designed for gamers.

What’s more, Razer promises that this wrist rest can relieve pressure on your wrists from prolonged periods of gaming at a high angle.

This product has an ergonomic slanted design to ensure that it can reduce fatigue while moving your fingers across the WASD keys when gaming. It also has non-slip rubber mounts, so it won’t move during intense gaming sessions.

Razer even covers the pad in a solid edge frame, ensuring more durability than stitched edges, and thanks to the plush leatherette cushion material, the wrist rest is waterproof.

Redragon keyboard wrist rest

Reddragon keyboard wrist rest.

Why should you buy it? It’s an adaptable and affordable wrist rest with a clean design.

For whom it is? People who want a keyboard wrist rest that suits their needs.

The Redragon wrist rest is perfect for most keyboards and laptops. It uses soft, medium firm memory foam, which means it can adapt to the unique shape of your wrist over time.

This wrist rest is even certified to be washable, as it has a waterproof coating that does not peel off when liquids touch it. That makes this model perfect for home office setups or gamers who may have a cluttered desk.

The size of this wrist rest is perfect. It can fit both full and half-size keyboards, so it’s not just for gamers with larger, more sophisticated mechanical keyboards.

The wider edges of this wrist rest also allow for additional hand movements and room to slide the mouse. Redragon even claims that this design choice can help the wrist rest stay in place and prevent bending.

Jedia Keyboard Wrist Rest

JEDIA keyboard wrist rest.

Why should you buy it? Its holes help prevent sweating and it also comes with a comfortable wrist rest for the mouse.

For whom it is? Students, office workers.

The Jedia keyboard wrist rest is designed for everyday use and outside of games. This particular model has massage holes and two wave-shaped grooves on both sides.

What this means is that if you are a programmer or an art designer, the feel of the wrist rest should be like a soft memory foam mattress and less like a flatter, harder cushioned rest that gamers often use.

Generally speaking, the Jedia keyboard wrist rest is a bit less traditional than others, and it fits better because of that look. The base is also made of rubber, which helps it stand firmly on a desk.

That is different from other models that have a resin base that could cause it to slide. Jedia includes a mouse wrist rest in the same style, so you get two products for the price of one.

Asus ROG Gaming keyboard wrist rest

Asus ROG Gaming keyboard wrist rest

Why should you buy it? If you are a gamer and need a quality wrist rest, this one looks good.

For whom it is? Players.

It has a minimalist matte black look with a soft foam cushion core for superior comfort and support. There’s even some Asus ROG branding on the sides if you want it to match your setup.

It also has a synthetic leather surface that can offer a smooth, smooth feel with splash resistance for easy cleaning and maintenance. As for wear, the edges have hidden seams so that it does not tear.

Asus even adds non-slip rubber mounts to the bottom of this palm rest, so it won’t slide across your desk if you squeeze the keyboard too hard or accidentally move it.

Note that these mounts also allow the wrist rest to be raised a bit. This keeps your hands in an ergonomic position to relieve wrist fatigue during long sessions.

Klim keyboard wrist rest

The KLIM keyboard wrist rest has memory cotton.

Why should you buy it? You need a comfortable and durable keyboard wrist rest.

For whom it is? Anyone who wants maximum comfort on the wrist.

The Klim keyboard wrist rest is more versatile. It has the right height and cushion for gamers, as well as people who write from time to time.

Designed with memory foam, a natural rubber base, and non-slip fabric provides support without being too harsh on your hands. This is so that your wrists do not slip when you are using it.

The Klim wrist rest is also backed by lifetime after-sales service. This means that it can be replaced if you ever have a problem with it. Considering the wear and tear that these accessories suffer, it is a great advantage.

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