Thursday, September 16

Best september

The beginning of one September after another tests our ability to overcome the trauma of having reached the end of the summer holidays, which, again, we dreamed of forever. The duel begins a few days before the outcome; Like all trance, there is no other option than to experience it. It helps to know from experience that expectations are more intense than the stubborn reality we run into. The mood is once again enveloped by the sensations that live on a Sunday afternoon, but long. Therefore it is not so bad; the fright fades and life appears: like every Monday morning of every Monday; Life shows us under various forms that the same thing always happens: eadem sed aliter.

It is the premiere of a new school year for many and vital for all, which has the flavor of a deja vu endearing. The adventure of living essentially demands a project, which etymologically means moving forward, which implies a starting point and a direction.

The opportunity for a restart that is confused with continuing. It depends on each one that it supposes a beginning that points further afield and, therefore, always entails an objective anchored more here: we end up where we started. Thomas Stearns Elliot left it chiseled in “The Desolate Land” of his Four Quartets:

What we call the beginning

is in the end, and finish

is to begin. The end is

where we started from.

In the multicaotic society, of which Pier Giorgio Liverani speaks to us, thanks largely to how language is used and manipulated, the confusion of meanings takes us away from a full understanding of what happens and happens to us. Emotions and content are linked, often contradictory, without time to digest and order them. Suggestion replaces reflection, and reality disappears veiled by distorted images. It is time for a general cleaning, like the one that the house to which we return is crying out for us.

The mighty nascent empire of data analytics (data analitycs) it will not eradicate uncertainty from our decisions because both data and its analysis by definition include something as human as perspectives and priorities; however, it will offer the opportunity to review both: what we are looking for and why. That is the moment in which people, families, companies, governments, and Mbappé too, who occupies so much the head of my young son in this wonderful month, although not only his.

The best September that opens a new year brings us the opportunity to lean on our own life, in attitude, as Ortega points out, at the same time as a demanding spectator and an alert researcher. The parenthesis that we have been in for so long and that we are about to close is going to help us.

We understand ourselves by remembering what we were and what we aspire to, but we only live forward.

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