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Best tablet in quality price: the recommendations of the editors of Xataka

Which tablet on the market is the best value for money? At Xataka we have tested the main models of the main manufacturers and we are clear about which options are the most interesting: these are the recommendations of our specialized editors.

Enrique Perez

The iPad is the king of tablets and in quality-price, my bet is the basic model of 2021.

It has everything we need for standard use, with the security of having the latest Apple system.

It has a 64 GB base, the Apple A13 Bionic processor that although it is not the M1, its performance is brutal and a 10.2″ Retina display that we have known for years.

And perhaps the best: it has USB-C. The truth is that on Android it is difficult to find a tablet that has the same results as the iPad. And for 379 euros, Apple puts it within reach.

Ipad 2021

Realme is a manufacturer that is doing very well. This year it has surprised us with the realme Pad, a complete tablet that can be obtained for less than 200 euros.

A very affordable price for a tablet that has an additional point compared to most, with that 10.4″ 2K display, 64GB, stereo speakers, and a Helio G80 processor that delivers well and will allow you to use it to play.

What I like about the realme Pad is also its design, very very thin with a thickness of 6.9 mm.

It is true that it does not offer the latest technology, but it is appreciated to have such a capable product at such a competitive price.

2021 Apple iPad (10.2-inch with Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray (9th generation)

2021 Apple iPad (10.2-inch with Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Space Gray (9th generation)

At the

Ivan Linares

“Is difficult to recommend a tablet other than an iPad, this would be my main choice, both when buying a tablet for myself and if I had to recommend it to a friend.

And the best choice I think is the 2021 iPad: for 379 euros it is a great choice, It has power and capabilities for everything you want.

Too bad it starts with 64 GB, I think it’s fair for a tablet of its characteristics. And the jump to 256 GB seems exaggerated to me, especially in price.

Another great tablet that I would recommend, this one on the Android side, is the Xiaomi Pad 5 (375 euros). I was able to try it and it seemed to me solvent in all aspects: it is good, beautiful and also cheap enough.

Xiaomi offers software very similar to Apple’s iPadOS, performance remains at a very good level and autonomy is sufficient. It’s worth checking out the deals, it can often be had for well under €400.”

Xiaomi Pad 5 - 11” Tablet (Wi-Fi, 120Hz 2K+ Screen, 128 GB Internal Memory, 6 GB RAM, 8720 mAh Battery) Gray

Xiaomi Pad 5 – 11” Tablet (Wi-Fi, 120Hz 2K+ Screen, 128 GB Internal Memory, 6 GB RAM, 8720 mAh Battery) Gray


Ricardo Aguilar

The best tablet in quality price that I can recommend today is the iPad.

I think the Android landscape is quite bleak, with tablets that are not updated and insufficient specifications for what they cost.

A great option is iPad 2021 (379 euros), with the classic design, but power to spare and years of upgrades.

It may seem a bit expensive, but considering how only Apple tablets will last us 6 or 7 years, the investment is assured.


If what you are looking for is an option for very little money, I would opt for the Realme Pad (199 euros). The big drawback is that you will not receive updates, but for finish, screen and sound it is a good option in the range of 200 euros.

A tablet to enjoy with the family watching multimedia, playing a casual game or even listening to music through its four speakers.”


Joseph Garcia Nieto

“Me, when it comes to tablets, I prefer to play it safe.

If I had to recommend a tablet, the model of choice would be the standard iPad.

For 379 euros it offers very good performance, iPadOS (which for me is the best operating system in these formats) and a really long shelf life.

It is one of those purchases with which you know you will not go wrong.

If we want something more powerful and stylized, the iPad Air (599 euros) is another option to consider.

It’s the one I have at home and I don’t miss anything today.

Ipad Air 2020 Review Analysis Espanol Xataka Cover

In the case of wanting an Android tablet, my balance is inclined towards the Xiaomi Pad 5 (375 euros). It is a really complete tablet in all aspects, enough to watch movies, work and play, and its price is great. In addition, the software is adapted to the tablet format, which is a great advantage.

Another model that seems to interest me is the Realme Pad (199 euros), but that it is not going to update to Android 12 makes me back a bit.”

Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch Wi-Fi 64GB) - in Green (Latest Model, 4th Generation)

Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch Wi-Fi 64GB) – in Green (Latest Model, 4th Generation)


Xavier Pastor

“I haven’t been able to test it, but I think the Realme Pad (199 euros) is one of the most “colorful” and promising tablets of recent times in the realm of good, pretty, cheap tablets.

Generous diagonal (10.4″), good resolution, a decent processor (Helio G80) and Android 11 To govern it, they join a design that seems more typical of higher-end devices.

Although it is true that, as we indicated in our analysis, performance is perhaps its weak point, I would say that for a less demanding user —and above all, for children— this model can be a very interesting option to play and enjoy all kinds of multimedia content, a section in which it seems to fulfill more than enough thanks especially to its speakers.

At home we have a standard iPad for the kids, and I think it’s one of the Apple products with the best price/performance ratio of this manufacturer.

Here the guarantees are clear not because of a hardware that does not disappoint, but because of an operating system (iPadOS) that, unlike Android, does is entirely designed for this format and that also in recent times makes it more and more a device not only to consume and enjoy but also to produce and work.”

realme Pad, WIFI Tablet, 2K Display 10,4"WUXGA+, Quad Speakers Dolby, MTK Helio G80, Batería de 7100mAh, Quick Charge 18W, Cuerpo Metálico, 6.9mm Ultra-Slim Design, Android11, 4GB+64GB(up to 1TB),Grey

realme Pad, WIFI Tablet, 2K Display 10,4″WUXGA+, Quad Speakers Dolby, MTK Helio G80, Batería de 7100mAh, Quick Charge 18W, Cuerpo Metálico, 6.9mm Ultra-Slim Design, Android11, 4GB+64GB(up to 1TB),Grey


Samuel Fernandez

“Having gone through various Android tablet models, including an original Mi Pad that I imported because Xiaomi still didn’t sell them in Spain, I am quite clear that I will stay on the iPad until life on Earth is over.

I have not found another device more polished than Apple, and that I move in the lower ranges, in the most basic iPad. But it is worth every euro spent on them for everything, especially for the time they last you.

Recently, in fact, I felt like starting to draw and I changed my old iPad for one of the latest generations, already with support for Pencil, and I am more than happy with the 2021 iPad (379 euros)


From my personal experience, iPad. There is no better expense in tablets than buying an iPad. In case you want to change, something that could happen in the future, I think my chosen one would be the Xiaomi Pad 5 (375 euros). I had a very pleasant experience with the first generation and since then MIUI has evolved a lot. It would be my option in case of abandoning iPadOS.

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