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Best Tech Gifts for Cyclists | Digital Trends Spanish

Whether it’s to improve your fitness, save fuel money, or save yourself the headaches of getting stuck, more and more people have decided to get on a bike and ditch the car. For them and them, we have gathered some of the best tech gifts for cyclists, which can help make riding a bicycle safer or more fun.

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Smart bike lock

Losing your keys or even forgetting the rotating password on your bike’s lock can become a bigger problem. Fortunately, today there are alternatives that allow you to avoid these misfortunes, such as smart locks.

Bitlock is a padlock that allows you to unlock it from a mobile application. But also, it allows you to share the location and access with friends, creating your own network of shared bikes. As if that weren’t enough, it also acts as an activity tracker.

If the price of Bitlock It seems excessive to you, the NuLock is an alternative that works with your phone and the Yahill lock operates with your fingerprint to lock the rear wheel.

Bitlock Nulock on Amazon Yahill on Amazon

GPS tracker

If you have never suffered the loss of your bicycle at the hands of “friends of others”, it is likely that you know someone who has been a victim. Every year there are about 200 thousand robberies, so it is always necessary to take preventive measures.

Locks are one of the best options to keep your bike safe, but they are not inviolable. For those scenarios, a GPS tracker is an excellent complementary mechanism, since it will allow you to know its location in case of loss or theft.

That of Sherlock It is one of the most convenient options, since you can hide it inside the handlebar and monitor the location through your mobile phone. But if you already own a AirTag from Apple, this device allows you to camouflage it as if it were a reflective light.

Sherlock Tracker


Headphones are not safe for pedaling: while listening to your favorite music, you can lose your attention from the vehicle trying to pass you or warning you of danger. But if you like to circulate without missing a beat, an excellent alternative is the speakers.

The Scosche BoomBottle is one of the most convenient alternatives, as it allows you to listen to music safely. You just have to place it next to the size of your bike, connect it via Bluetooth through your phone and that’s it.

Turning lights

Hand signals are fine, but they are of little use if motorists don’t know how to interpret them. However, there are alternatives that allow you to circulate with greater safety, anticipating your surroundings about your next movements.

The handles with LED lighting they act as side markers to warn you when you’re turning, with the push of a button on your handlebar. Now, if you prefer, you can also use Zackees’ sweat-resistant padded gloves with integrated markings.


Emergency satellite communicator

If you usually travel long distances on your bike, whether it is crossing long distances through a road and climbing the mountains, it is likely that on more than one occasion your phone has lost its signal. For scenarios of this type, the satellite communicator Somewear Global Hotspot allows you to send text messages, either to let you know that you are well or to ask for help in an emergency.

Some wear labs

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