Tuesday, March 28

Better weather: ADRs climbed up to 21% and bonds up to 5%

Three energy companies were at the top of the advances: Edenor (+16.8%); Transener (+14.3%); and Central Port (+12.6%). “The 90,000 points could act as resistance for the Merval”, estimated Alexander Londoño, market analyst at ActivTrades.

“It will be essential that in these coming weeks a plan be outlined to achieve the proposed objectives that both the opposition and the market see as realistic and feasible,” Portfolio Personal Inversiones estimated.

In fixed income, sovereign bonds in dollars managed to rise up to almost 5%, after soaring 5.8% on Friday. The Bonar 2029 advanced 4%, while the Global 2029 jumped 4.7%. The country-risk fell 1.88% to 1,723 basis points, when last week it had marked a maximum level of 1,969 units.