Monday, January 17

Better with MODE: now users can pay by scanning any QR

Thus, the interoperability of QR codes offers more and better payment alternatives to users and payment to merchants, which add a new, agile and easy-to-use form of payment, without additional commissions and with immediate crediting of the money.

“From MODO we promote the success of all electronic payment methods, and PCT represents an opportunity to expand the use and acceptance of these payment methods and reduce that of cash,” says Rafael Soto, CEO of MODO.

In addition to the new alternative of Payments with Transfer, MODO is already present in almost 500,000 businesses throughout the country, enabled for payment with QR and the use of credit and debit cards, with the great differential of being able to maintain the benefits provided by the Banks such as discounts and promotions.

Payment with MODE can be made from the banking apps as well as through its independent app. Some of the businesses that top the list in collections with MODO are Walmart, Changomas, YPF, Carrefour, Freddo, FarmaPlus, large shopping malls throughout the country, among others.

Together with the banks of the ecosystem, MODO came to the market to provoke a cultural change in the daily use of money with the aim of reducing cash and plastic cards. Working in tune with Argentine banking, it anticipated the demands of users and businesses, providing security, practicality and convenience. Today, the trend is installed and MODO’s value proposition grows exponentially, reaffirming its flagship message: cash is no longer effective.