Sunday, January 16

Beware, Google Drive could block access to some of your files | Digital Trends Spanish

Google announced a change to the use policy of its Google Drive cloud file hosting service, which could block access to files that, according to the company, violate the use policy.

According to Google, this change came into use since December 14, but it will take about 15 days to be fully active, so it will be from December 29 when you could have a problem sharing the files that are saved in your Drive.

The company detailed that users will know that one of their files violated the Google Drive use policy with an email alert that their file violates the terms of service.

Users who receive alerts that any of their files violate the use policy may request a detailed review; however, Google clarifies that during the review process, the file cannot be shared with other users.

But what are the files that violate the Google Drive usage policy? Yes OK Google’s policy is quite broadIt could be summarized as follows: do not host files that violate copyright, such as music albums or video game installation files, in your Drive; don’t save violent or gory content, unauthorized images of minors, sexually explicit material, and don’t use Drive to save propaganda from terrorist organizations.

Yes, it is such a broad policy that it can therefore be vague. So if you run into any problem accessing your Drive, it is best to follow the steps to dispute Google’s decision and regain access to your file.

We only hope that the restrictions do not apply to documents apparently as innocuous as the one Google itself shows in its dispute image: a marketing strategy for 2022. We cannot imagine the face you will have at work when you say that you cannot present your work because google blocked it.

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