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Beyond streaming: the best apps for Roku | Digital Trends Spanish

The popular player has several charms, since it allows access to the various services of streaming to its multiple interactivity options. And it also lets you give your TV amazing radio or photo frame functions, with the best apps for your Roku.

This selection brings together the developments TuneIn, HappyKids, WeatherNation, Web Video Caster, Spotify and Flickr at the moment. Later we will include others of the type so that you go beyond putting your favorite series.

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If you want to add a app, go to the section of Look for on the main Roku interface. Then, write the name of the application that interests you. Once it is displayed in the search results, select it and click on Add channel. It will appear all the way down to Beginning.

If you are clear to which category it belongs, you can also search for the app from Transmission channels on the main Roku interface.

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Best apps for your Roku


If you are more of the people who like to “tune in” to a radio station, then TuneIn cannot be missing on your Roku, as it allows you to access both local and international stations. You can bookmark and even access broadcast media by language.

In short, it will become one of your favorite applications in your multimedia player.


If you are interested in knowing the current weather and for the next few days in your locality, WeatherNation shows it, in addition to allowing access to other resources, from the specialized live television channel (English) to maps.

If you are not convinced by this platform, you can try The Weather Network, of which you already we spoke earlier.


It is a simple application that reproduces public photos of this service owned by SmugMug. It is supposed to also let you see your photos, however, in the tests performed, we were unable to run this tool.

It also allows you to view images by category, such as fire, clouds, autumn, exploration, balloons, desert, birds, space, wind, and sunsets. Your screen is sure to be filled with fantastic photos.


Through an attractive interface, access your beloved Spotify music through your Roku player. Categories such as your favorite songs, what’s new, your weekly discovery, and your podcasts favorites.

What is perhaps strange when playing music is the display of the lyrics of the songs. Anyway, more than one will appreciate having their favorite Spotify pieces on a larger screen, where the Roku is connected.


We know what we say: at some point you will need to reproduce content suitable for the little ones, in case you want to distract your nephews, for example. And HappyKids is a good alternative.

From the outset, you can select content for boys and girls up to eight years old, as well as content from franchises such as Minecraft and LEGO. It also has a good catalog of productions in Spanish.

Web Video Caster

Also at some point you are going to need to show a recorded video from your phone on the TV. In this scenario, having Web Video Caster, both on the cell phone and on the Roku, will save your life.

The platform menu lets you stream clips, photos and audio stored in your smartphone, and even that multimedia content on some internet site. At first, the app may seem complex, but once you become familiar with its various options, it will become one of your favorites.

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