Wednesday, August 4

Bezos as a metaphor

Seeing what lies ahead requires constant struggle

George Orwell

Branson and Bezos have already achieved what they wanted, as almost always. They have invested millions in doing so and have enjoyed their respective minutes of weightlessness and that exclusive contemplation of the blue planet from outside its atmosphere, which until today had been forbidden to anyone who did not participate in a public space mission or was an imaginative reader of Asimov.

They have been accompanied by those who could bid 28 million dollars for a ticket and those they chose to be part of this elite of exclusive travelers. They are no longer explorers or discoverers, they are the new batch of galactic travelers who will enjoy the exclusive experience, until it is a good idea to make it massive again to continue increasing their profits. No matter what we run, the elites will always find a paradise to retreat to in order to flee from our massive presence.

There are many calls to reality in this experience. Loss of gravity may produce effects similar to truth serum. “I want to thank all the workers and customers of Amazon. Because you have paid for all this! I really thank you from the bottom of my heart, I thank you very much,” said the tycoon without shame. It is true, the capital gain of his workers and our efforts to try to save a few cents or not move his ass to the corner have allowed him to use an astronomical sum for his astral dreams. The high must have also given him some lowering of consciousness because he has paid chef José Alfredo a hundred million for his philanthropy. With him was an 18-year-old young man whose parents have found it convenient and educational to pay a ticket of such an amount, making him the first paying space passenger. I do not know what they plan to give her on subsequent birthdays and I hope I don’t have to know.

The very rich have already left. The concentration of wealth in the hands of a minority has allowed them to reach levels never before known in the history of mankind. Not even Crassus dreamed of such a thing. So they move away, they leave our orbit, they no longer live in our world or care about our politics or fear governments that cannot even collect the taxes that would be fair. They are outside. We can’t even touch them. Their corporations already have more power than many states and that is really what they aspire to. They rehearse formulas for creating their own cities and turning them into city-states that abide by their own rules. It is no longer enough for them to buy islands. They are not satisfied with corporate campuses where it was already difficult for them to stick their nose at the authorities. They now think of designing their own cities with their own urban planning and, attention, laws as their own as those that govern their companies without the governments having been able to force them to match them with those emanating from democracies.

They leave and there is a cohort of aspirational paphiles applauding them. Those who see so logical that a technology company can establish its own censorship on fully legal content and that no Spanish judge could touch. “They are their rules and you accept them when you open the account and blablabla.” They will also be their norms when they blatantly stand up to the rule of law in those cities where, I suppose, by entering the paradise of the corporation you will be abjuring your rights as a citizen to enter a private club whose laws mark that that controls it. Then they will politely thank us for making them rulers of a world in which we will once again be full subjects. Perhaps that is why Orwell would recommend that we begin to fight against these new coeocracies instead of railing against the restrained and domesticated parliamentary monarchies, which are totally harmless to our interests when compared to the technological empires that loom over us.

They will not be the only elites to say goodbye. Elites have existed at all times in human history, the struggle has been to see who made them up and how they could be reached. The deterioration of discursive thinking, of rationality in the handling of concepts and ideas, the abuse of emotionality, the alleged democratization of wisdom -which has made even the certainties that humanity has taken centuries into questionable due to ignorance. in reaching-, the death of truth and the murder of reality; the noise, the absurd, the relativistic individualism, the millstones with which it is tried to crush reason or science, all this will end up producing the defection of the intellectual elites if it is not already achieved.

The illusion of citizens who believe they live in a perpetual open debate on the networks, in which equality consists in pretending that all criteria are equal, that individual feelings can make up for the lack of argumentation or that every opinion has the same value It will fall to pieces when they discover that the intellectual elites are loosening the moorings of that sea in which some are determined to convert true democracy. Some now just keep the yardstick of what they like to hear and what they can’t bear to hear. They ignore that the elites continue to speak even if they are of opposite ideologies, that they are capable of understanding each other when they are not under the spotlight of the great comedy and that they preserve a common language based on the principles of human knowledge that they know how to use through the norms of logic and the reasoning. As Albert Camus said: “The true aristocracy consists (…) above all in not lying. Freedom consists above all in not lying. Wherever lies proliferate, tyranny is announced.”

Humanity is threatened by sedition and not precisely the one that so much worries some. The class struggle ends if any of them manages to secede and abandon the common space. That will be your true triumph. The thing about Bezos and his galactic getaway is quite a metaphor. You see how far the grandson of a man from a town in Valladolid has come, the question is where he wants to take us. Just in case we continue to hit the button and receive your packages, we still don’t know what new adventures you will be able to thank us for in the future. Let’s not let you down.

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