Tuesday, June 6

Bidding processes for turnkey projects continue, it was the turn of the streets of Boqueron in Chiriquí

As part of the public bidding process for the best value of the project for the design, construction, rehabilitation and financing of streets and roads in the district of Boquerón, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) held the preliminary meeting and approval, which included the participation of six contractor companies.

This homologation meeting is carried out with the purpose that contractors make their queries and observations contained in the specifications of this project that contemplates an approximate length of 56,929 kilometers, detailed the MOP press release.

The MOP plans to carry out the public act of bidding for this project on February 24, 2022.

This work contemplates the design, rehabilitation and improvement of the roads in the district of Boquerón which include the intervention of 47 streets whose scope of work includes pavement design, drainage design, relocation of public utilities, relocation of inspection cameras, placement of pipes, among other activities.

The project includes the design and construction of a bike lane that will be approximately 3 kilometers long, the design and construction of a minimum of 31 pluvial caissons, the rehabilitation of 12 vehicular bridges and the design and construction of 14 vehicular bridges.

Besides of design of pedestrian facilities including sidewalks, level crossings, toll booths and bus bays

The work includes, lighting system, in addition to landscaping with sowing of grass in all soil that has remained exposed once the works of contracted works are finished, includes areas of slopes, areas of surrounding soils previously leveled, shaped, filled and all exposed soil.