Friday, March 24

Biden approves the sending of 2,000 new soldiers to Europe in the coming days

President Joe Biden has approved the deployment of additional troops in Europe in the midst of the crisis with Russia and in what is the first major movement of US forces since the outbreak of the crisis, according to various local media reports.

The Pentagon has announced that it will send 2,000 soldiers to Poland and Germany. Another 1,000 currently stationed in Germany will be deployed to Romania at the request of the Romanian government, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

“They are not permanent movements, they are movements to respond to the current security situation and they are not going to fight Ukraine,” Kirby said. “They are trained to deter aggression and defend our allies.”

Last week, the Pentagon ordered 8,500 US soldiers to be prepared for a possible deployment and that number could increase in the coming hours.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the US on Tuesday of “ignoring” the Russian demands that Moscow describes as “security guarantees”. This Wednesday, the newspaper The country has published the written response of the US and NATO to Moscow and in which they do not veto an expansion of NATO to the east, but in which they offer to reach disarmament agreements with Russia.