Tuesday, December 6

Biden believes it is “unlikely” that the missile that hit Poland was fired from Russia

US President Joe Biden considers it “improbable” that the missile that caused an explosion in Poland was fired from Russia, in a town near the border with Ukraine. The US president explained that the G7 and NATO will support the Polish government’s investigation into the incident before taking “further steps.”

Asked by the press about whether the missile was fired from Russia, Biden has stated: “There is a lot of information that contradicts that. I don’t want to say until we fully investigate, but it is unlikely due to the trajectory that it was fired from Russia.”

The Polish Foreign Ministry, for its part, has said that the missile that fell is “Russian-made” and has confirmed the death of two Polish citizens. The president of this country, Andrzej Duda, has called for calm and has remarked that the investigation continues in the area of ​​the explosion. “Poland’s protection has been strengthened. There are no indications that more such incidents will occur.”

The next step is an emergency NATO meeting to be held this Wednesday in Brussels at the request of the Polish government.

Poland is considering invoking NATO Article 4, according to which the Allies “shall consult each other when, in the opinion of either of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties is threatened.”

Media such as the US agency Associated Press reported on Tuesday afternoon about the impact of Russian missiles, citing US intelligence sources. The Pentagon officially did not talk about authorship. And the subsequent Polish ministry’s statement that the missile is “Russian-made” does not address the circumstances of the crash. Leading military analysts are being cautious, waiting for more information.

Agreement to support research

The US leader made these statements at the end of a meeting of the G7 and NATO leaders on the sidelines of the G20 summit, which is being held on the Indonesian island of Bali. At that meeting, the leaders agreed “unanimously” to support Poland’s investigation to determine “exactly what happened” before collectively taking “further steps,” the president said.

During the meeting, according to Biden, the leaders of the G7 and NATO also addressed the “brutal” and “inhumane” attacks that Russia has launched in recent hours against different regions of Ukraine, including the capital, and that have caused significant cuts in the electrical supply.

“At a time when the world has come together at the G20 summit to urge de-escalation, Russia continues to choose escalation (of war) in Ukraine. There were wreckage and missile remnants in western Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine right now and we will do whatever it takes for them to defend themselves,” Biden said.


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