Monday, January 24

Biden calls meeting on supply chain issues

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, will convene a meeting of officials and companies of the private sector, including FedEx, to discuss ongoing efforts to address supply chain disruptions.

With aden created a task force in June to address the problem and the White House contends that it has done “Significant progress in alleviating bottlenecks that have their origin in the global pandemic ”.

Last month, Walmart Inc. CEO Doug McMillon said that the decision to extend the hours of the ports was having a positive impact on the flow of goods. TOHowever, supply chain problems continue to plague many American industries.

Reuters reported this week that Candy makers, as well as retailers and farmers, have been hit by high raw material prices, labor shortages, and transportation and supply chain issues, which have prevented them from taking full advantage of the Christmas season.

Much of the shipping shortage is due to the pandemic. LAmericans who can’t leave the home and haven’t spent their money on travel and entertainment, as well as government stimulus checks, put resources into everything from food and refrigerators to toys and exercise equipment. Demand for imports overwhelmed supply chains.

Biden, which is fighting inflation in the United States, which recently reached the highest level in 31 years, has taken steps to try to end these traffic jams.

The meeting will be attended by the secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Labor and Transportation, as well as the director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese, and the envoy of Ports, John Porcari.

Also joining will be the CEOs of FedEx, clothing retailer Gap Inc, Kansas-based trucking company Yellow Corp and the American Association of Port Authorities.

Biden also asked that Excessive transport fees and possible illegal conduct in the markets are investigated of oil and gas. The White House said Wednesday that fuel prices fell 12 cents a gallon on average, to $ 3.30, from the recent peak last month, but added that Biden “thinks they are too high.”

Voice of America (VOA)