Sunday, September 19

Biden Condemns Supreme Court “Unprecedented Attack” on Texas Abortion Rights

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has ordered this Thursday to mobilize all possible resources of his Government to “guarantee that women in Texas have safe and legal abortions”, after the entry into force of a state law that practically prohibits this intervention .

The president has lamented in a release The decision of the Supreme Court of the country Wednesday night, which has a reinforced conservative majority, not to block the Texas law, which prohibits abortion from six weeks of gestation and entered into force this Wednesday.

The president has explained that he has asked the Council on Gender Policies and the White House Attorney’s Office to launch “a comprehensive government effort” to respond to the Supreme Court’s resolution.

Biden has called the court decision “an unprecedented attack on the constitutional rights of women” guaranteed in the 1973 ruling in the Roe v. Wade case. Abortion was recognized as a constitutional right in the US thanks to that Supreme Court ruling, which established that a woman can end her pregnancy during the first six months of pregnancy.

The new Texas rule prohibits abortion from six weeks of gestation, when the fetal heartbeat can be detected and many women do not yet know they are pregnant, and does not provide exceptions in cases of incest or rape.

In addition, it allows individuals to file civil lawsuits against anyone who helps a pregnant woman to have an abortion in violation of the prohibition.

“An insult to the rule of law”

Biden has stressed that with this law “individuals in Texas are empowered to report health service providers, family members who support the woman who exercises her right to choose after six weeks, or even the friend who takes her to the hospital or hospital. clinic”.

The president has complained that, thanks to that rule, from now on in Texas a complete stranger will be able to meddle in “the most private and personal decisions that a woman faces about her health” and will also be encouraged with the prospect of obtaining $ 10,000 if you win the case.

Biden has lashed out at the Supreme Court for having made the decision without having held a single hearing and without “the benefit of the opinion of a lower court.”

In sum, he says, the high court’s action is “an insult to the rule of law and the rights of all Americans who seek redress in our courts.”

And he deplores that instead of using his authority to ensure that justice can be “justly sought,” the Supreme Court allows the suffering of millions of women in Texas.

The state’s governor, Republican Greg Abbott, signed the law in May after it received the go-ahead from the Conservative-controlled lower house and state Senate.

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