Tuesday, October 19

Biden forgets the European link and bets everything to contain China




Those who expected that the arrival to the presidency of Joe Biden It would mean a return to the old customs and diplomatic customs in Washington they have run face to face with the reality of a White House less interested in cultivating the link with Europe than in containing the rise of China. That explains that after the recent and bitter disputes with France and a reduced intervention in the United Nations General Assembly, Biden will end the week this Friday by receiving the leaders of India, Japan and Australia in the Oval Office, in the first summit in person. of the group known as «Quad».

In welcoming, Biden said that this group is made up of “like-minded democratic partners, who share the same vision of the world and plans for the future, united to face the greatest challenges of this time, climate change, coronavirus, emerging technologies.” . Although the president did not say so, it was clear that those challenges they pass, for the most part, through China.

One of Biden’s first decisions when he arrived at the White House in January was to accuse the Chinese regime of being responsible for “genocide” for the serious human rights abuses of religious minorities in Xinjiang province. Later, he made the very symbolic decision to summon the Quad, which is formally called Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, an informal strategic forum that is maintained through regular summits and that is the main geostrategic rival of the communist regime in its area. It was created in 2007 at the initiative of Japan.

It is a sign of the importance that the so-called Quad has for Biden that this summit has been face-to-face. The American president keeps his face-to-face meetings to a minimum. He went to the UN General Assembly on a whirlwind visit and has refused to see anyone other than Washington’s closest partners, including this Friday and Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The meeting also comes after Biden has outraged European partners, especially the French, over a new strategic military alliance with Britain and Australia. That pact, baptized as Aukus, implies that Australia will cancel a contract of 65,000 million dollars to buy French diesel submarines to acquire other nuclear ones from the US Since the time of Trump there has been frustration in Washington for what both the previous government and this one perceive as a lack of action Europe against the Chinese threat. The US would like its transatlantic partners to take tougher and more concrete measures to prevent the introduction of Chinese technology on the continent, especially 5G networks, since they consider that they can be a means of espionage.

Biden seems determined to dedicate whatever resources are necessary to contain the threats he perceives from China. Both the physical, that is, its expansionist desires in the Pacific, as well as the cybernetic ones, including the implementation of 5-G technology throughout the planet. When he announced the departure from Afghanistan, Biden said defense priorities now are other, including containing China. Yesterday, when talking about vaccines against the coronavirus, he mentioned China again, to warn that the communist regime is already working to improve its electric cars and the United States must put the batteries.

As a senior US official said before the summit, “China has increased tension with its neighbors” and also in Europe, entering what is called «Diplomacy of the warrior wolf», as a new aggressive style of diplomacy adopted by the Chinese under the Xi Jinping Administration is informally known.

According to this official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, “at the beginning of the administration, the president indicated that he wanted to take over this institution [el Quad] which is an informal meeting of the most important democracies in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, and basically elevate it to a leadership level, and work together to build better lines of communication and strengthen cooperation and cooperation habits among members.

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