Saturday, September 25

Biden Orders Review and Possible Declassification of Secret 9/11 Documents

Correspondent in New York



Joe Biden signed an executive order this Friday imposing the review and possible disclosure of secret documents related to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The US president’s decision comes a few days after the 20th anniversary commemoration the largest terrorist attack in US history and amid strong pressure from the families of the victims.

For years, broad groups of these relatives have demanded the release of documents obtained by the FBI in its investigation of the attacks, in particular, those that have to do with the role of Saudi Arabia in the attack.

As a candidate for president, Biden promised to do so, but then did not take any steps about it. Last month, a group of relatives of the victims declared that the president would not be welcome to the commemoration in New York – which Biden plans to attend – if he did not fulfill his electoral promise. Among other actions, relatives have organized a protest next Thursday in place of the attacks in New York, the World Trade Center in Manhattan.

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