Tuesday, December 7

Biden signs the Renacer law on Nicaragua to pressure the government of Daniel Ortega

United States President Joe Biden yesterday signed the Renacer law on Nicaragua, approved in a bipartisan manner by Congress.

“The false election of Nicaragua was neither free nor fair, and it was certainly not democratic, “insisted a White House spokesman, quoting President Biden himself, in response to the Voice of america.

The Renacer Law makes it possible to impose sanctions on the government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, to restrict the loans of the multilateral banks and “attack the corruption of the regime,” said the official, by email.

The legislation sends a strong message and new tools to address the corrupt and authoritarian government of Ortega-Murillo and their attempt to subvert the democratic aspirations of the Nicaraguan people, ”he said.

Furthermore, sHis statement reaffirms Washington’s position on human rights: “We continue to call for the unconditional release of jailed presidential contenders, political activists, journalists, students, other members of civil society and the business community detained in the current wave of repression.”

On the other hand, he specified that Washington will continue to use diplomacy, coordinated actions with regional allies and partners, such as visa restrictions and sanctions, as appropriate, “to promote the accountability of accomplices in supporting the undemocratic acts of the Ortega-Murillo government.”

La Law to Strengthen Nicaragua’s Adherence to the Conditions for Electoral Reform, known as Reborn Law establishes pressure measures and review of economic measures to pressure the government of Daniel Ortega after Sunday’s elections, which the president himself Biden called it an undemocratic “pantomime”.

Among these measures is the revision of the CAFTADR free trade agreement, of which Nicaragua has been a signatory since 2004.

The law also proposes specific penalties after the elections and addresses corruption in the Nicaraguan government and the Ortega family, as well as human rights abuses committed by the authorities of that country, among other measures.

This is the first action of the White House In what officials advance, it will be a joint and coordinated response with allied countries to direct a strategy of pressure against the Sandinista government of Ortega.

According to officials, The announcement of the first sanctions by Washington is not ruled out, which have been classified by the Ortega government as interventionists and assures that they will not intimidate the exercise of their functions in power.

Too the United States is expected to emphasize its position this week together with countries in the region since the General Assembly of the Organization of American States, which began on Wednesday.

Voice of America (VOA)


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