Friday, December 3

Biden thanks Spain for its help in the evacuation of Afghanistan

Washington Correspondent



The president of the United States yesterday thanked his allies in the Persian Gulf and Europe for their help in hosting Afghans who have applied for a US visa but do not have a firm decision yet. Joe Biden named Spain twice to convey its gratitude for allowing the use of the joint Morón and Rota bases as temporary residences for those civilians threatened by the return of the Taliban guerrillas to power. The US president believes that these evacuations will have ended on August 31

The US president said yesterday that his priority is “to extract American citizens quickly and safely.” Biden said yesterday there are a few 11,000 Americans in Afghanistan, and that their government is in contact with them by phone or email to facilitate their arrival at Kabul airport. The president declined to elaborate on that evacuation for security reasons and the risk of terrorist attacks.

Biden said that since Aug. 14, the U.S. and its allies have extracted about 28,000 people from Afghanistan, revealing that in a 24-hour period this weekend they left Kabul. 3,900 people on 23 flights. Biden also wanted to justify the chaos that has been seen since the Islamists returned to power a week ago. Let me be clear: the evacuation of thousands of people from Kabul will be difficult and painful no matter when it started. It would have been like this if we had started a month ago, or if we started it a month from now. There is no way to evacuate so many people without pain. In addition, in a speech at the White House, the president said that he does not regret the withdrawal, that “it had to happen, sooner or later.”

The Pentagon yesterday ordered the activation of 18 commercial aircraft to assist in the military evacuation of US citizens and refugees in Afghanistan. In this way, the airlines United, American, Delta, Hawaiian, Omni and Atlas will cooperate in the withdrawal operation, but not by going to Kabul, but “for the transfer of passengers from safe temporary shelters and provisional bases ”to their final destinations, the Defense Department said in a statement.

Biden has been advised by the vice president, Kamala Harris, which on Sunday began a trip to Singapore and Vietnam, during which it will try to strengthen alliances to contain the strength of the Chinese communist regime. For now, Harris has not commented on the effects on women of the US withdrawal and the return to power of the Taliban guerrillas, who when they ruled the country two decades ago sent the burqa by edict and summarily executed women accused of adultery, among other outrages.

In 2019, in a talk at the Council on Foreign Relations, Harris, then a senator and candidate for the presidency, said: “I will protect the women of Afghanistan and I’ll keep the terrorists at bay».

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