Tuesday, August 9

Biden: “This evacuation mission is dangerous but I will mobilize all the necessary resources”

New York



Joe Biden showed a somber tone on Friday about the chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan, which is progressing much slower than expected and with abundant problems for those seeking to leave the country, both American and Afghan citizens who helped them during the two decades of war and others who are in danger.

“I want to be clear: all Americans who want to go home, we will bring you home,” insisted Biden in a promise he already made in his previous appearance on the situation in Afghanistan. But yesterday’s accompanied her with warnings about the risks that are going to be run. “This evacuation mission is dangerous, poses risks for the armed forces and takes place in difficult circumstances. He cannot promise what the final outcome will be, or that it will be without risk of loss. But as commander-in-chief, I assure you that I will mobilize all the necessary resources.

Kabul airport

Biden was addressing the Americans on a day in which chaos and problems were once again complicating the evacuation. The violence and confusion had not disappeared around the Kabul airport, the only exit route for most Americans and Afghan allies, with its entrances taken by Taliban security lines. Many Afghans who fear retaliation from the Taliban are unable to access the airport, even when they have visas or documentation ready to leave the country. The Taliban do regularly allow those with a US passport to pass through, but there have also been reports of assaults and problems entering, although the Biden Administration has downplayed them.

«We have made significant progressyes, “defended Biden, although the reality in Kabul did not agree with him. Not only because of the chaos and violence outside the airport, but also because of the problems that the Americans themselves have inside for the evacuation and that have shown the organizational errors of the Biden Administration in the face of the rapid fall of Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban. For much of the day yesterday, no US aircraft left the only runway at Kabul airport. The reason is that the military base in Qatar that welcomes the passengers of those flights was saturated.

“Our commanders in Kabul have already given the order to restart the flights,” said Biden, who assured that, despite this stoppage, the US was able to evacuate 5,700 people the previous day. A low number for the capacity of between five and nine thousand evacuees a day that the Pentagon has assured it has.

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