Tuesday, September 28

Biden Warns Kabul Airport Attackers: “We Will Hunt You Down And Make You Pay For It”

Joe Biden on Thursday, he warned those responsible for the attack on the Kabul airport, in which 13 US soldiers have died, of imminent reprisals. “We will hunt them down and make them pay,” said the US president, admitting that it has been “a very difficult day for him.”

At least others 18 uniformed Americans They were injured in the attack on Thursday. An Afghan Health Ministry official said earlier that more than 60 Afghans were killed and another 140 wounded.

“Those who carried out this attack, as well as anyone who wishes to harm the United States, know that we will not forgive or forget. We will hunt them down and make them pay. I will defend our interests and our population, “said the

American president in a speech at the White House.

«We will respond strongly and precision at our own pace, in a place we choose, in the way we choose, “said the president, refusing to give more details when asked by the press about them.

«The terrorists of the Islamic State they will not win. We will rescue the Americans. We will take out our Afghan allies. And our mission will continue, ”said the president. “USA. he will not be intimidated, ”he added.

The US is expected to have extracted about 100,000 people when its mission in Afghanistan ends next week, with the final withdrawal following the return of the Taliban to power. It will leave on the ground more than 200,000 collaborators of the US military who are at risk of reprisals from Islamists.

Those dead American soldiers, Biden said, ‘they are heroes who had selflessly embarked on a dangerous mission to save the lives of others. ” The president also maintained a minute of silence for those killed in the attack.

The US administration believes that the Islamic State was behind the attack, although it is still formally investigating the blame. The US is coordinating with the Taliban, enemies of those jihadists, although the president said he does not trust them. “Nobody trusts them,” he said, “but it is in their own interest that we leave when we said and remove as many people as we can.”

The president added that the evacuation of civilians continues, given that there are a thousand Americans left on the ground. The withdrawal date it’s still august 31st.

Biden did say that if the risk to US troops increases before that withdrawal, he can send a reinforcement. «I have told the military that If you need additional strength, I will give it to you. But the military, from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Joint Chiefs of Staff itself, the commanders on the ground, have told me that the mission can be maintained as designed, “said Biden.

“It was time to end the Twenty Years’ War,” Biden said before ending his speech.

Context: the evacuation of Afghanistan

a attempt terrorist perpetrated this Thursday at the gates of the airport of Acceptance, where the evacuation of thousands of civilians fleeing from Afghanistan after the return of the taliban to power, he killed dozens of people, including a dozen US soldiers, the US Administration admitted.

According to the Pentagon11 Marine Corps soldiers and a US military doctor were killed, in addition to 15 wounded. For their part, the Taliban said there were in total 60 dead and 140 wounded in the attacks. As revealed in an appearance by General Kenneth F. McKenzie, head of the US Central Command, there are still a thousand Americans who have not been evacuated from Afghanistan.

The general said that EE.UU. “Continues to carry out the mission of evacuating US citizens, third country nationals, asylum seekers, US Embassy personnel and Afghans at risk.” “Despite this attack, we continued with the mission,” added McKenzie. In fact, during the day there continued to be evacuations from Kabul, but always in military custody.

The White House attributed the attack to the affiliate of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, of whose threat the own had warned Joe Biden on several occasions this week. A few later, the terrorist organization itself claimed responsibility for the attacks. The death of American soldiers in the middle of the evacuation opens the current president of the United States the greatest crisis of his young presidency, in the context of his decision to precipitate the withdrawal from Afghanistan and finish it before the August, 31.

There was two explosions next to the airport, both with suicide bombers supported by armed men who opened fire on the crowd. A suicide bomber with a vest of explosives detonated these at the Abbey gate, which is the main evacuation point for Americans and their collaborators.

When the victims were rescued, the second explosion occurred, according to the first indications with a car bomb, about 300 meters away and next to the Baron hotel, used by the United Kingdom to coordinate its evacuations.

The international forces that remain deployed at the airport to coordinate the final stretch of the evacuation immediately withdrew from the access doors and sealed off the area in which they are deployed inside the aerodrome.

As of Thursday’s casualties, a total of 2,452 US soldiers had been killed in the longest conflict in US history, which began in 2001. The last US soldier killed in hostilities in Afghanistan had died on 8 December. February 2020. The total cost of that war in lives is 157,000, according to a study by Brown University. Of these, at least 43,000 are civilians.

The intelligence services of the United Kingdom and the United States had warned on Wednesday of the real threat of an attack at the gates of the airfield, and indeed the Islamic State turned these words into reality by murdering dozens.

Thousands of people were still there waiting for a rescue plane to take them out of the country. Anxiety about leaving the Taliban behind overcame appeals from the Pentagon asking them to get away from the access doors as soon as possible.

The modus operandi was the same that the jihadists have employed over and over since they began operating in Afghanistan. A suicide bomber in an explosives vest blows himself up at the Abbey gate, which since the fall of Kabul to the Taliban has been the main access point for the evacuation of Americans and their collaborators for the past two decades. When all eyes turned to that place and people tried to help the victims, the second explosion occurred.

The international forces that remain deployed at the airport to coordinate the final stretch of the evacuation immediately withdrew from the access doors and sealed off the area in which they are deployed inside the aerodrome.

The Taliban reacted through their spokesperson Zabiullah Muyahid, who insisted that they have pledged “that this country is not a base for terrorist groups and we were the ones who alerted the US to a possible attack by the Islamic State.” On Monday the director of the CIA met in Kabul, William Burns, and the political leader of the Taliban guerrilla, the from Abdul Ghani Baradar. The Taliban themselves were the first to warn the United States about the possibility of terrorist attacks by the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State.

The Islamists achieved a quick military victory against an Afghan army that offered little resistance, but now it is their turn to deal with internal problems that threaten the stability of the emirate such as the Islamic State.

The local arm of the Islamic State is called the Islamic State of Khorasan, the historical name of a region that they claim as part of their ‘caliphate’, which would include Pakistan. It is made up of jihadists splintered from the Taliban, who swore allegiance to the ‘caliph’, Abu Baker Al Bagdadi, after the self-proclamation of the ‘caliphate’ in Syria and Iraq in 2014 and its stronghold is in Nangarhar province, in the east of the country. Al Baghdadi was killed in a US attack in 2019.

Leave the airport

After the explosions occurred, the US Embassy urged all US citizens to leave the airport entrances immediately.

Biden’s worst fear came true with this explosion, plunging the White House into a frenzy that only occurs in the worst crises of a presidency. After receiving the news of the two explosions at the Kabul airport, where US forces and civilians who want to flee the Taliban are amassed, the US president canceled his agenda and met with his national security team in the crisis room, with the priority of extracting the thousand remaining Americans in Afghanistan before the August 31 deadline.

The truth is that the president had warned of a possible attack by the Islamic State in Kabul on at least three occasions this week alone, identifying it as the greatest threat to both the US and the Taliban themselves.

As a White House official told ABC, “the president met with his national security team, including the secretary of state, Antony Blink; the secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin; the head of the joint staff, Mark Milley, and commanders on the ground in Afghanistan and will continue to receive updates on developments.

Biden was informed by the commanders that the two explosions affected Americans, and then the president postponed his meeting with the Israeli prime minister, Naphtali Bennett, and canceled a virtual meeting with US governors to discuss the distribution of Afghan refugees.

On August 20, Biden said in a speech to the nation that there was a “terrorist threat in or around the airport, from Islamic State militiamen in Afghanistan who were released from prison when the prisons were emptied.” On several occasions Biden has said that “the Islamic State in Afghanistan is a sworn enemy of the Taliban.” On August 22, the president himself added that “every day there are troops on the ground, and these innocent troops and civilians at the airport face the risk of an attack by Daesh.”

This double attack ended up complicating the chaotic withdrawal of the US With the deadline of the 31st at the gates, countries such as Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands had already concluded their flights even before the attack and the countries NATO officials assume that thousands of their collaborators will stay on the ground at the expense of the emirate letting them leave from 1 September on commercial flights. This is the promise made by Islamists for all those who have a foreign visa. Before August 31, the United States must also withdraw its soldiers.