Sunday, December 10

Biden warns Putin that a hypothetical “invasion” of Ukraine would be “disastrous” for Russia

United States President Joe Biden He warned his Russian counterpart again this Wednesday, Vladimir Putin, that a hypothetical “invasion” of Ukraine would be “disastrous” for Russia and that in case of continuing to delve into the current crisis, they would apply a series of sanctions “never” seen before by Moscow.

If they commit an invasion, they are going to pay, their banks will not be able to negotiate in dollars,” Biden said. during a press conference held at the White House on the occasion of his first year leading the United States.

Biden has pointed out that although he does not believe that Putin is willing to start “a full-fledged war”, he does see the Russian president putting as much pressure as he can on the US and its NATO partners in this new crisis. “It is trying to find its place in the world between China and the West,” he has said.

“The only thing I am sure of is that this decision is totally, uniquely and completely yours. Nobody else is going to make that decision”, he said in reference to the Russian president, who is still not aware, he said, of the implications of this new escalation of tensions. “He will pay a high price (…) and I think he will regret it,” Biden said.

In that sense, has explained that the series of meetings held by the diplomatic delegations from Washington and Moscow have not been of any use because “the impression” that the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, or the National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, has conveyed to him is that the Russian representatives do not know Putin’s intentions.

“Russia will be held accountable if it invades” Ukraine, Biden insisted before the questions of the journalists, to whom he has told them that if Moscow undertakes what “it is capable of doing” with the force it has accumulated on the border, “it will be a disaster” for them.

In that sense, He has clarified that the response of the United States and its partners will depend on the type of challenge that Russia can pose, for this reason he has highlighted the need for all NATO allies “achieve total unity” when it comes to knowing how to respond to any eventuality.

“It is very important that we keep everyone in NATO on the same page.. That’s what I spend a lot of time doing and there are differences. There are differences in what countries are willing to do, depending on what happens,” he explained.

Nevertheless, Biden, according to the “very frank” conversations he has had with Putin since he arrived at the White House, he has assured that “there is no problem” in being able to understand each other and has given as an example Washington’s willingness to negotiate the Russian proposal to limit NATO’s arsenal in Ukraine.

But nevertheless, The US president has ruled out for the moment sitting down to negotiate for another of Moscow’s requests, Ukraine’s non-incorporation into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a process, he has advanced, that “is not very likely” to occur “in the short term.”

“The probability that Ukraine will join NATO in the short term is not very likely since they have to work much more in terms of democracy and in some other things that are happening there”, he pointed out.