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Big Tech employees are “mentally ill”, according to Joe Rogan | Digital Trends Spanish

Joe Rogan called the activists who work in the big technology companies in Silicon Valley “mentally ill” and “lunatic”.

“How are those damn places run?” asked the comedian during a dialogue on the podcast of entrepreneur Antonio García Martínez, who was fired from Apple after employees protested the misogynistic sayings in his book Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley.

Rogan assured his interviewer that a “good friend” who held a management position at Google that being in a Big Tech was “real madness.”

“The lunatics run the madhouse to a certain extent, because there are now a lot of people working within the industry who are mentally ill and consider themselves activists,” he said.

Photo Credit: Joe Rogan/Instagram

According new york postalso a presenter and commentator, maintained that the heads of the technology companies must “calm down” those employees who represent “a certain percentage of the payroll, are the loudest and, often, do not do their job.”

When these people are questioned for failing to comply with their obligations, they hide behind their role as defenders of collective rights, Rogan said.

The outlet shared during the interview his friend’s alleged response to his subordinates: “They are here for X hours a day. This is your fucking job. They are not activists.

In his turn, García Martínez assured that companies like Facebook, for which he collaborated for about two years until 2013, as “a kind of cult.”

“Facebook was a cult, I joined it and was a happy member of it. It was very powerful. Everyone sacrificed for the good of the empire and its emperor », she confessed.

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