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Bill Gates a la Apocalypse Now with COVID: “We haven’t seen the worst” | Digital Trends Spanish

A rather apocalyptic forecast is the one launched by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, in the last hours in relation to the pandemic. The tech tycoon commented that we still need to be prepared for the worst with COVID-19: “We haven’t even seen the worst.”

“We still run the risk that this pandemic will generate a variant that is still more transmissible and more deadly“, forecast.

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In an interview published in The Financial TimesBill Gates commented that, despite supporting advanced vaccination, the virus “still represents a menace to society” and that “we still have time for the situation to get worse”.

The businessman also pointed out that this virus, which has already affected the entire world and has ended the lives of 6.2 million people, is in a dormant phase and can still wake up worse.

“I do not want to be the voice of pessimism, but there is a risk above 5% that we have not even seen the worst of this pandemic,” he stressed.

Bill Gates gave these statements in the preamble to the presentation of his new book, How to prevent the next pandemic and on the occasion he also asked the rulers of the nations of the world to inject more resources to face the situation.

“In health systems, the amount of money invested is very small compared to the return. Current funding from the World Health Organization does not take the pandemic seriously”, he concluded.

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