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Bill Gates’ laws to combat climate change | Digital Trends Spanish

William H. Gates III, the billionaire, philanthropist, tycoon, computer entrepreneur and co-founder of the giant Microsoft, was born in 1955. That’s right, we are talking about Bill Gates, who this October 28 turns 66.

Gates warned of the threat of a pandemic long before anyone heard about COVID-19, and in his most recent book he has warned of another threat that we as humanity have to face, prompting us to take action now if at all. we want to avoid a catastrophe in the future.

We refer to How to avoid a weather disaster: the solutions we already have and the advances we still need, the book that Gates released in February this year. As its title suggests, it delves into the problem of climate change and the multiple solutions the world needs to employ to avoid worst-case scenarios.

Within his 384-page work, Gates lays out several pieces of advice that, as individuals, we can follow to help combat climate change, regardless of whether we are citizens and not great leaders or activists; for Gates it all adds up.

In a abstract of the book, the Microsoft founder insists that “although the most impactful steps we can take to avoid a climate disaster must occur at the government level, you have the power to effect change as a citizen, consumer and employee or employer.” These are some of the recommendations.

Prefer vegetable-based burgers

Gates knows that most people love hamburgers, and that we can consume quite a few in our lifetime. But what Gates recommends is to prefer plant-based burgers (plant-based) before those made of meat.

In this way, you send a “signal” to the market indicating that there is a demand for that product, causing companies to start innovating in that area until it becomes widespread. The same goes for dairy products.

It will also make veggie-based burgers eventually cheaper and better tasting, because if a lot of people order a product, companies will start to strive for something good to sell. It is a knock-on effect that will benefit us all in the long run.

This will allow our food and companies to rely less on cattle, which are a great source of methane gas, which is precisely what is causing the greenhouse effect and the planet to warm up.

Using electric cars

According to Gates, what causes the consumption and massification of hamburgers plant-based it is also true of electric cars, energy-efficient appliances and low-carbon building materials.

While electric cars aren’t right for everyone – they’re not the best option for someone who takes a lot of long-distance road trips, as the charging system can be inconvenient – they are becoming more affordable for many consumers.

“This is one of the places where consumer behavior can have a big impact: if people buy a lot, companies will produce a lot,” said Bill Gates.

Reduce emissions at home

Depending on how much money and time we can save, Gates says we can replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs, as well as install a smart thermostat, insulate the windows, buy efficient appliances, or replace the heating and air conditioning system with a heat pump ( when possible).

In the case of being a tenant, Gates suggests making changes that are under our control, such as replacing light bulbs, and encouraging the landlord to make the remainder of the changes.

Finally, whether it is a new house or renovating an old one, we can choose to use recycled steel and make the house more efficient by using structural insulating panels, insulating concrete formwork, radiant attic or ceiling barriers, reflective insulation. and foundation insulation.

Encourage leaders to buy “green” products

On the other hand, governments and businesses buy more items than households, according to Gates. That is why it is important that, as “employer and voter”, we encourage our superiors and representatives (politicians, leaders and activists) to commit to buying “green” products and services.

This refers to products that do the least possible damage to the environment, whether during production, use or degradation. These products are also known as eco-friendly or sustainable.

These people are the ones who also manufacture and build what people buy, so our task is to encourage them to find and establish green standards, whether by making calls, writing letters, attending meetings with authorities or any instance where a dialogue can take place. and, of course, vote.

Gates even says we can run for office within our community or government. In fact, he affirms that it is not necessary to try to obtain a very high position, even having a smaller role in a municipality, for example, can generate an impact.

Business and policy leaders can also invest more in the research and development necessary to create new technologies so that we can replace the ones we currently use and that harm the environment.

Raise your voice no matter who we are

Another point that Gates highlights is raising our voice no matter who we are. While it was activists from different parts of the world who put climate change on the global agenda, it is now necessary for citizens to join in as well to accelerate solutions.

Generating change to stop a climate disaster will require businessmen and governments to make tough decisions, and the fastest way to do that is to make it clear that we, the citizens, demand that change.

Gates says that we can all make a difference, whether as a citizen, consumer, employee or leader, and that we all have to do our part to make it work. According to the businessman, together we can change the economy in the coming decades and make a better future for all.

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