Friday, December 8

Bill Gates tells how magic seeds can stop famine | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft founder, Bill Gatescontinues to exploit his most philanthropic side, and in conversation with APrecognized that world famine due to lack of food may be the greatest problem for humanity in the coming years.

For that, the technology tycoon believes it is necessary to use technology to save this matter, creating “magic seeds”: crops designed to adapt to climate change and resist agricultural pests.

“It’s pretty bleak relative to our hopes for 2030,” Gates, 66, said in an interview with The Associated Press. However, he added: “I’m optimistic that we can get back to normal.”

“It’s a good thing that people want to prevent their fellow human beings from starving when conflicts like Ukraine disrupt food supplies,” Gates writes in the new report. But the real problem, he says, is that many food-insecure countries do not produce enough food of their own, a problem that is sure to be exacerbated by the consequences of climate change.

“The temperature keeps rising,” Gates said. “There is no way, without innovation, to even come close to feeding Africa. I mean, it just doesn’t work.”

The Gates Foundation has spent $1.5 billion on agriculture-focused grants in Africa, according to Candid, a nonprofit organization that investigates philanthropic giving.

On the criticism about his “magic seeds”, Gates stated that, “if there is any solution other than innovation, you know, like singing ‘Kumbaya,’ I’ll put money behind it,” Gates said. “But if you don’t have those seeds, the numbers just don’t work.” He added: “If someone says we’re ignoring some solution, I don’t think they’re looking at what we’re doing.”

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