Wednesday, January 19

Billionaire recommends investing in Bitcoin in 2022

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, considered the third richest man in Mexico, posted a Christmas message on his Twitter. On occasion, the billionaire recommends that people get rid of the envious and also the fiat currencies, recommending investing in Bitcoin.

Salinas is yet another billionaire who is abandoning state currencies and propagating the use of Bitcoin. At the end of last year he already converted part of his fortune to BTC.

Your businesses are also beginning to see this change in thinking. Since the middle of this month, Grupo Elektra has been accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, including offering a handsome discount for its use.

Get rid of fiat currencies, invest in Bitcoin

It is not new that the Mexican billionaire criticizes the positions of central banks and recommends buying Bitcoin. In November 2020, Salinas had already placed part of his fortune in Bitcoin and, less than a month later, he said it was the best investment he has ever made.

This Christmas, the billionaire, who owns Grupo Elektra and two TV channels, left a message to his 958 million followers. First he advises people to get rid of the envious and also the fiat coins, finally he asks people to believe in themselves.

“Get rid of fiat currencies, dollar, euro, yen, peso… They’re all the same, it’s fake, paper, fake money… And the central banks are producing more money than ever. Invest in Bitcoin”

Finally, Salinas asks all of us “Let’s keep fighting for freedom, because without freedom there is no innovation and without innovation we will all end up in misery.” This, in some ways, also applies to Bitcoin, the target of bans and heavy regulations in stricter countries.

Billionaire’s stores already accept Bitcoin

On December 16, Grupo Elektra began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in its stores. Being another business that is working directly with BTC.

“The rumors are true, ElektraMx is the 1st (retail) store in Mexico that allows you to shop with Bitcoin. I’m sorry to win the competition again.”

No group website you can find a banner about the use of Bitcoin in stores, and there is also a promotion that offers 20% off when using the biggest cryptocurrency in the world, the BTC.

Finally, it is these small actions that will make the use of Bitcoin become more and more common in our daily lives. Hopefully we’ll get rid of the fiat coins soon.

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