Monday, January 17

Binance calls for calm with withdrawals and deposits issues

The brokerage firm Binance Brasil asked its clients to wait calmly until problems with withdrawals and deposits in Real are resolved.

What caused the problem is still not entirely clear, as the company expressed itself citing only that instabilities in the payment system are being encountered.

Anyway, some customers didn’t like to see the problem, as they would like to trade on the platform.

Binance is the largest in volume traded in Brazil

Binance is the largest broker by volume in the Brazilian cryptocurrency market. In this month of December, for example, the broker surpasses the daily mark of 200 Bitcoins traded, even with 25 exchanges present in the Brazilian market.

Among 25 brokers in Brazil, Binance records the highest volume of Bitcoin in December 2021 /MercadoCriptoBR – Livecoins

In other words, this platform is one of the favorites among Brazilians who trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, whether for purchase or sale in the market.

Furthermore, it is one of the platforms with the greatest support for cryptocurrencies and which accepts deposits in Brazilian Real. In trading pairs with Real Binance has 23 options for its clients, and keeps adding more with time.

What did Binance say about the draw and deposit issues?

In a note shared by Twitter, brokerage Binance informed its clients that deposits and withdrawals in Brazilian Real are unstable, a problem that is already being resolved by the technical team.

In the note, the broker further stated that users who encounter this issue do not need to go to support, as within 24 hours all transactions will be processed normally.

“If you have already performed one of the operations, we ask that you wait 24 hours for compensation. It is not necessary to call our support, once the issue is resolved we will process all orders.”

The broker also asked the customers to calm down, to wait until the problem was completely resolved, as well as to apologize for what happened. As the cryptocurrency market has no opening hours, many traders lamented what happened, indicating that they lost chances to trade the currencies they would like in the market.

Some customers thanked for the information posted by Twitter, while others complained that they were not notified via email of the problem they encountered. Anyway, the case was cleared up for everyone.

It is worth remembering that when Binance arrived in Brazil, its operation was the target of many complaints from users, especially in the Complain here.

However, on that platform, Binance now has a service rating of 8.1, which means “Great”, indicating that it has been paying attention to customer demands and solving problems in time.

Until the closing of this article, the broker had not yet positioned itself if withdrawals and deposits had normalized.