Friday, January 21

Binance promotes flexible savings for metaverse cryptocurrencies

The world’s largest broker, Binance, decided to launch yet another promotion linked to cryptocurrencies from the metaverse, this time linked to their returns on the market with the flexible savings service.

Known for being one of the world’s top by volume, Binance had already begun broad support for these cryptocurrencies, including the Real pair, which saw two recently listed.

In addition, in a Christmas and year-end program, the brokerage has prepared other surprises for its clients who perform some activities, which can be rewarded with coins from the metaverse.

This sector has gained momentum in recent months with the arrival of Facebook, but long-time competitors do not want to let heavy competition go cheap.

Binance does metaverse token income promotion

For those arriving at the cryptocurrency market, it is clear that when buying a currency, you do not earn interest on it, as this is not an investment. Bitcoin, for example, when acquired and stored in a secure wallet, will remain in place in the same way and with the same amount forever.

For this, some traders try to trade in the market, a risky practice with cryptocurrencies. Thinking about offering some interest to users, Binance was one of the first brokers to create such an environment, called “Earn”.

There, clients of the brokerage can place their cryptocurrencies in an application and earn interest on it for a certain period. It is good to remember that cryptocurrency in a brokerage is a completely risky practice, as these platforms do not have the same security as a portfolio.

Anyway, Binance has as one of its main products today the Flexible Savings. This product allows users to lock their cryptocurrencies and earn interest for a specified period.

This Wednesday (22), the Binance service inaugurated a limited promotion, which runs until December 28, for flexible saving of metaverse cryptocurrencies.

“Binance launched a promotional offer [Christmas Limited] for AXS, BNX, GALA, SAND and WAXP, helping users increase their earnings up to 6x in the flexible economy.”

Does it pay to leave flexible savings?

Those who already have these coins at the brokerage house and want to get some extra income, it may be a viable option to leave them in the special Christmas savings account, since the product guarantee is greater than trade operations. The main advantage of the product is that it allows the redemption to be instantaneous, that is, it does not have the balance stuck beyond what the customer wants.

It is noteworthy that the highest yield offered is for Axie Infinity (AXS) game tokens, which will be 6% during the promotion. Gala (GALA) and The Sandbox (SAND) tokens will yield 3%, depending of course on the amount of deposit made by the customer.

Income from the Christmas 2021 Special Flexible Savings on Binance for Metaverse / Reproduction cryptocurrencies

It is worth remembering that transactions with cryptocurrencies and balances with brokers are high risk, it is important to read the terms of use of these platforms carefully and understand the proposal before participating in it.