Friday, December 3

Binance promotes show that ticket can be paid with cryptocurrency

Binance brokerage in Argentina is promoting a humor event with entry that can be paid in cryptocurrency. For this, the stablecoin BUSD, issued by the company, will be chosen for the event. This event called Binance Comedy Fest will cost only US$1.00, something around R$5.60 today.

But the intention is to show the local community in Argentina how easy it is to use the Binance Pay tool, integrated into the account of users of this brokerage.

In Argentina, many people have known the cryptocurrency market through stablecoins, as the use of Dollars is common in the country. But as the government limited the use of the currency in cash, stablecoins ended up gaining strength, such as Tether, USDC, among others.

Binance charges US$1.00 in BUSD cryptocurrency for humor show

The Argentine division of Binance promotes next Monday (29) the Comedy Fest, a comedy show that will feature several local artists. One of the highlights of the event will be Federico Cyrulnik, a famous artist in Argentina who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Other artists who performed are Fer Sanjiao, Connie Ballarini, Mike Chouhy and Tato Broda. This event will take place at the Teatro Picadero, traditional in Buenos Aires.

To register, users must read the event’s QR Code and pay via Binance Pay, taking the transaction confirmation code on the day of the event. This humor show shows that cryptocurrencies can be used as a means of payment easily, even in large events.

According to Binance, its payment service is only available to those who have a brokerage account. Currently, all over the world, creating an account requires passing identity verification.

Cryptocurrencies that are in the spot wallet can be easily transferred to the Pay Wallet, which will be the tool used to enter this event in Argentina.

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