Tuesday, February 27

Binance refunded the bitcoins it lost from a user

Key facts:
  • Mario Duarte confirmed that Binance refunded him the BTC that the site lost in a withdrawal error.

  • The affected person thanked Murch, Pieter Wuille, Peter Todd and the Bitcoin community for giving him a greater voice.

A few hours ago, Mario Duarte announced via Twitter that finally, after insisting so much, Binance reimbursed him the bitcoins that the platform had lost. “Now I can claim victory”, revealed the affected this morning to CriptoNoticias, informing that he already has his BTC outside the exchange on his Ledger device.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, Mario Duarte had requested to withdraw his bitcoins on Binance to a Taproot address, but the platform mistakenly sent them to another, thus making your cryptocurrency savings disappear. Faced with this error, he contacted customer service support, which in principle was not responsible for what happened.

Precisely at that time, which was six days ago, the Binance team told him: “Unfortunately, as BC1P addresses (Taproot addresses) are not supported for BTC withdrawals, the BC1P will be converted to a supported BC1Q address. ».

Binance told the victim that they do not make BTC withdrawals to Taproot (BC1P) addresses when in fact the company claimed a month ago that they do accept. Fountain: @marioduarteBTC / twitter.com

This caught Mario’s attention because Binance recently allowed withdrawals to BC1P, which is the code that Taproot addresses begin with, where he has his bitcoin hardware wallet on Ledger. For this reason, the user shared his situation in the StackExchange forum, where Different Bitcoin Core developers gave their support and shared the case on Twitter.

One of them was Pieter Wuille, who He said: «This is not your fault and you should demand that your bitcoins be returned. The fact that they accepted this address shows extreme incompetence on the part of the sender. ‘

To all this, the protagonist of this case stated: “they are trying to convince me that it is my mistake while I continue to fight for them to assume their responsibility” He also said that Binance suggested that he ask Ledger if he could provide a solution.

After denying it, Binance assumes the error and refunds the bitcoins

After insisting with Binance’s technical support and spreading the case on social networks during the week with the help of the bitcoiner community, the affected party managed to get the company to verify that it had indeed been their mistake. And on December 28, they got back his lost bitcoins.

“We did it brother. They were never going to respond. They had already told me no, to understand Ledger. There are a lot of people who give up fast. But one is willing to reach the end of the fart ”.

Mario Duarte, a bitcoin investor who had lost his BTC on Binance.

The happy ending to this story ended with a gratitude From the protagonist on Twitter saying: “I already have my BTC back out of Binance on my Ledger device. A big thank you to the entire Bitcoin community, especially developers Murch, Pieter Wuille, Peter Todd, and everyone who has liked, retweeted, and helped me. “