Friday, March 1

Binance releases purchase of 10 cryptocurrencies with credit card for Brazilians | Bitcoin Portal

Binance has released 10 cryptocurrencies that can now be purchased by Brazilians in Real (BRL) via credit card. THE announcement was done on Thursday (20) on the broker’s support page. This Friday (21), the platform also listed the altcoins LOKA (League of Kingdoms Arena) and API3.

The cryptocurrencies released for purchase with a card are the following: Alchemy Pay (ACH); Contents (COS); FraxShare (FXS); Moonbeam (GLMR); IRISnet (IRIS); Linear (LINA); Vulcan Forged (PYR); Syscoin(SYS); USD Coin (USDC); TerraUSD (UST).

According to the announcement, purchases in BRL with a credit card — a feature made available on Binance through the services of third-party partners — are subject to a Financial Transaction Tax (IOF) for each transaction. To make this type of transaction, the user needs to have the account verified. Once this is done, up to five different cards can be registered.

“It is important to note that transactions are local and that there is no remittance of money abroad,” the company concluded.

The platform also released a new crypto pair for Real, Cosmos (ATOM)/Real (BRL), as per warning of support on the fifth.

API3 and LOKA are listed on Binance

In another announcement, Binance communicated two listings. The altcoin API3 can now be traded on the broker’s main trading platform and LOKA on the Innovation Zone.

With the announcement of the listing, API3 had an appreciation of about 30% in the early hours of this Friday, when it hit US$ 5.93 compared to the average of US$ 4 of the previous day. This morning there was a correction and at the time of writing the currency is trading in the $5 range.

API3 is a token using eponymous network governance that communicates with blockchain applications directly without intermediaries. This type of system is known as primary oracles and is operated by the API providers themselves.

League of Kingdoms

As we anticipated on the 12th, Binance has listed LOKA, the governance and utility token for the play-to-earn game League of Kingdoms, but only on its Innovation Zone platform.

The pairs released for LOKA are with Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Tether (USDT) and Binance Dollar (BUSD). The crypto was launched by Binance Launchpad.

League of Kingdoms describes itself as the first blockchain-powered MMO strategy game. In it, players fight for territorial dominance like Clash of Clans, only with non-fungible tokens (NFT).