Friday, January 21

Binance will list two Metaverse cryptocurrencies in Real pair

Binance announced the listing of two metaverse cryptocurrencies in Brazilian Real (BRL) pair, a sector that has been rising in the last two months. This metaverse sector allows an experimentation of new technologies and environments in digital formats, gaining fame especially after Facebook announced its arrival in the sector.

Digital items in the metaverse, such as land and even yachts started to sell for millions of dollars, which also contributed to the increase in interest in this sector. It is worth remembering that the metaverse should have centralized and decentralized models, the latter with support for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions.

Binance will list two cryptocurrencies linked to the metaverse in Brazilian Real

With the arrival of the metaverse on the market, many Brazilians are already eyeing the sector. Facebook itself announced vacancies in Brazil to work in this sector, reinforcing the importance of this country for the company.

And two cryptocurrencies that are important in this sector will win a pair traded on Binance in Brazilian Real.

One of them is Gala (GALA), the currency of the company Gala Games and has grown in the NFTs gaming sector and metaverse environments. With more than 16 thousand nodes, this decentralized gaming environment has already created many important names in the market: Town Star, Mirandus, among others.

In the last 24 hours, Gala has gained 14% to reach US$0.53 even as Bitcoin has fallen 3%.

Outra que a Binance announced that he will list and linked to the metaverse is the cryptocurrency The Sandbox (SAND), linked to the metaverse and which drew attention for being one of the main ones to appreciate last November.

In the last 24 hours, SAND has appreciated 5.42% and reached a quotation of US$ 5.50. Both currencies started to be listed in Binance next Friday (10), from 6 am.

It is worth remembering that investing in metaverse tokens is a high risk trade, which should be studied carefully, as this is a new sector.

Binance will remove Ethereum Classic in Real

One of the main cryptocurrencies in the metaverse is Ethereum, which is a reference in the sector, even with competition. One of the competitors is the Ethereum Classic (ETC), currency that was founded after the famous hack on the Ethereum network, resulting in the split of the community.

Despite continuing strong in the market, Ethereum Classic will have its Real pair removed by Binance, on December 17th, at midnight. Devaluing in the last 24 hours, ETC will lose its main BRL trading pair with the exit of Binance, which did not explain in detail what motivated this delisting.