Wednesday, December 8

Binance’s DeFi Platform Sets Record Daily Transactions

According to data from BscScan, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) surpassed 14.7 million transactions on Tuesday (16/11). This achievement can be considered a milestone for DeFi, surpassing the previous record recorded on July 29, 2021, which was 13.1 million transactions.

In addition to the hit mark, 276,446 new wallet addresses were created, an expressive growth compared to the 111,244 new addresses on July 29th. The BSC team announced the feat on Twitter on Wednesday morning (11/17).

For comparison, the Ethereum network recorded 1.3 million total transactions on Tuesday, with 134,354 new addresses, while the Bitcoin network reached 301,103 transactions, with 749,829 new addresses.


The BSC ecosystem coordinator, Samy Karim, compared transaction metrics between different blockchain networks, and stated that, when compared to other blockchains, BSC currently has an ecosystem with the highest number of transactions ever recorded, also counting with lowest possible rates.

The BSC was launched at the end of August 2020, with the purpose of being a launching platform that cultivates the development of innovative startup projects, as well as decentralized applications compatible with the Ethereum Blockchain through the Ethereum Virtual Machine. To date, the platform facilitates more than 1,000 dApps.


In October, Binance announced the launch of a $1 billion accelerator fund to boost its smart chain’s capacity in sectors that are gaining prominence in the cryptosphere, such as metaverses, gaming, artificial intelligence and more.

According to the investment director at BSC Accelerator Fund, Gwendolyn Regina, “The $1 billion Growth Fund has already begun to project growth into the BSC ecosystem. We will support more than 500 BSC-based projects with the goal of integrating the next billion users into the blockchain and crypto space.”

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