Wednesday, January 19

Bishops ‘bless’ labor reform

“It is a very positive development.” The Spanish bishops “bless” the agreement between the Government, employers and unions for a new labor reform announced this Thursday. In a note issued minutes after the agreement was made public, the bishop responsible for Pastoral del Trabajo, Abilio Martínez, has shown his appreciation that “the government, business and union organizations have strongly recovered social dialogue, which has already yielded very important results. “.

“In the dialogue on labor reform, it is also desirable that an agreement be reached that goes beyond private interests. But above all, it is guided by the defense of decent work and the dignity of work,” the note continues. invites everyone to move forward so that “work is a central element in shaping the economy, so that it has a” human face, “as Pope Francis insists.”

“This is what is at stake in the labor reform in our country,” highlights the episcopal statement, which recalls that “the fundamental objective of labor legislation is to help ensure that the dignity of work is respected and that it is carried out in dignified conditions, in short, that the work “be human” “.

Eliminate inequalities

“In defense of the good of the people and the common good of society, what should always prevail is that the new labor legislation collaborates as effectively as possible to eliminate inequalities in labor relations, to end temporality, precariousness and job insecurity, to strengthen collective bargaining under fair conditions and eliminate inequalities that deteriorate the working conditions of many workers, “the bishops argue.

“This is the reform that is needed; however, it cannot be forgotten that the main labor problem is the lack of work that affects millions of people, especially young people, for which it will make it easier for companies to create jobs and access to decent work for so many people who see their future with uncertainty “, concludes the note, which recalls how” since labor legislation is of great importance, not everything ends in it to move towards the recognition of the dignity of work and decent work “. Thus, the bishops defend that “it is the responsibility of the whole of society to give work the decisive importance it has, committing ourselves every day to the defense of decent work, rediscovering the dignity of all work, not just employment, making a reality that” the great topic is work ””.

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