Wednesday, March 22

Bit2Me debuts its ‘launchpad’ with the launch of the Bnext neobank token

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Bit2Me joins its paths with Bnext. The neobank will launch the launchpad of the fintech specialized in cryptocurrencies for the launch of B3X, its own utility token. The arrival of this tool that allows third parties to launch tokens represents a further step in the expansion strategy of the Valencian firm.

This new tool makes available to third parties the technology developed for the initial offering (ICO) of the token Bit2Me’s B2M last August. What’s more, spans from the creation of utility token -complying with the technical, security, legal aspects and others- up to the promotion and execution of the offer, both in its private and public phases.

Guillermo Vicandi, co-founder of Bnext, has pointed out that “with the launch of the token B3X we intend break the monopoly of traditional finance, generating value and suitable products for our clients”. In addition, he explained that they have chosen the platform of the Valencian fintech because it allows “developing tokens simple and easy to use, using the most secure technology on the market”.

the new tool

In this sense, Bit2Me Launchpad also offers services to increase the usefulness of tokens and thus encourage its use. After its exponential growth over the past year, the Valencian company has a team of 140 professionals, including well-known figures such as Zeesham Feroz, former CEO of Coinbase Europe, and Baldomero Falcones, former world president of MasterCard.

For his part, the CEO and co-founder of Bit2Me, Leif Ferreira, pointed out that “Bit2Me Launchpad’s specialized team investigates each project and studies its feasibility so that the user does not have to worry about anything”. He has also shown his enthusiasm for having worked “jointly” with Bnext for the launch of a token which assures that “it will be a complete success for both companies”.

This new service is part of the roadmap drawn up by the cryptocurrency fintech to end the first half of the year with all the most cutting-edge tools in the sector. In this case, it relies on the experience gained in launching B2M, with which he managed to capture 17.5 million euros in less than three minutes and a total of 20 million at the close of the operation.

In addition, the arrival of issuers to Bit2Me Launchpad will also be an addition for the firm’s clients, since they can be the first to access the sale of the tokens that they are released.

Currently, Bnext has a volume of transactions in cryptocurrencies greater than 9 million euros in the last year. Born in 2017, the neobank seeks to be a digital alternative to traditional banking through services such as the international transfer of capital, control of expenses, the sale of crypto assets or discounts in establishments for using your card, among others.