Monday, May 16

BitBase and Eurochange team up to install 30 cryptocurrency ATMs

BitBase and Eurochange have announced their partnership and, with it, 30 new cryptocurrency ATMs arrive in each of the Eurochange stores in Spain. What other things do you have planned from this union?

A fruitful crypto partnership

BitBase, a renowned cryptocurrency startup, and Eurochange, a currency exchange company, know very well that joining forces can go a long way. And it is that, despite offering different services, they are compatible. That is why this association is so beneficial, both in the short and long term.

The first step has been the launch of a cryptocurrency ATM for each of the 30 Eurochange stores. Currently, two are already in operation (in Madrid and Benidorm).

Particularly the association is two-way. This means that now in the BitBase stores, users will be able to access the currency exchange service provided by Eurochange. Additionally, the option to buy cryptocurrencies in different currencies will be enabled.

Do you want to buy Bitcoin and pay with dollars? BitBase and Eurochange allow you! The two companies are already working on this adaptation and hope that it will become a reality in the coming months.

BitBase: Cryptocurrencies are for everyone!

Behind this association is BitBase’s hard work to be recognized for its desire to democratize the crypto ecosystem and bring it closer to all who are interested.

What does it mean to democratize it? This implies that anyone, regardless of their knowledge, experience in new technologies or geographical location, can access cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, BitBase have taken the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies to the streets of Spain, and now they seek to achieve it throughout Europe.

A very important aspect is that, in each of the establishments, the client will receive information without any type of commitment from specialized advisers.

Let’s know a little more about Eurochange

When evaluating partnerships that occur in the crypto market, it is critical to understand who the parties to the deal are and how they benefit from each other.

Eurochange is a company focused on currency exchange that, as previously mentioned, has 30 stores throughout Spain. However, the services of this company extend a little further.

The main services available in these establishments are the purchase and sale of foreign currency, collection of reservations, collection of online orders, among others.

But, what is the differentiating factor of Eurochange? Well, it allows its users to change currencies to Euros and Euros to more than 40 different currencies without commissions. In fact, they accept currencies that banks do not usually accept, such as those that are damaged or out of circulation.

Likewise, part of Eurochange’s services is to allow its users to verify daily prices in a transparent and simple way. Not to mention a close and accessible customer service through WhatsApp, email and social networks.

And, among the services that stand out, Eurochange offers the possibility of making a reservation online or by phone and your currencies will be available at the nearest office for the date you decide.

And what is BitBase?

If you follow CriptoTendencia closely, you probably already know BitBase, one of the most important crypto companies in Spain. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you a little more about them.

Currently, as point In Coin ATM Radar, BitBase has installed 64 cryptocurrency ATMs (63 in Spain -not counting the two that already work in Eurochange stores- and one in Portugal). Which places this company, by far, as the leader in Spain.

However, BitBase is not aware of the conformance. And, therefore, to those 63 crypto ATMs, the other two must be added that will be installed immediately, plus the 30 that are the result of the association with Eurochange and 20 more that have already been requested and will arrive in the near future.

Therefore, very soon, BitBase will have established 115 cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain. And why is this important? For the following reasons.

  • BitBase is established as the company with the most cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain.
  • When we take into account its recent expansion to Portugal, BitBase will be positioned in the Top 3 of the crypto companies with the largest number of crypto ATMs in Europe.
  • BitBase’s work will position Spain as the third country in the world with the largest number of cryptocurrency ATMs.

And last but not least, BitBase also offers a crypto lending service and has your own token, BTBS. In a short time, and thanks to Eurochange, a new dish will have to be added to the menu: currency exchange.