Friday, December 8

BitBase expands internationally! Now disembark in Portugal

On January 24, the first BitBase crypto store outside the borders of Spain will open, although quite close since it will be in Lisbon, Portugal. However, this has not prevented them from continuing to expand in Spain since they will open three new franchises in this country.

In 2022, BitBase expands to new frontiers

Previously, the founder and CEO of BitBase, Álex Fernández, assured that one of the main objectives for the crypto company would be to go beyond the Spanish borders and start opening stores abroad. And, just 24 days from 2022, BitBase will open its first crypto store outside of Spain.

It will also be the first physical crypto store to open in Portugal. And, along with it, BitBase will also install several cryptocurrency ATMs, although the exact number has not yet been defined.

According to Coin ATM Radar, there are only four crypto ATMs in Portugal. Without a doubt, it is a country that is just taking its first steps in the crypto world, especially when compared to Spain, which already has 149 cryptocurrency ATMs.

And of course, BitBase does not plan to stop its expansion to the limits of Lisbon. The company is already working on the opening of another crypto store in Porto and the installation of several establishments with the franchise model.

United Kingdom and Colombia will be the next

Portugal is just the first step in a major international expansion that is part of BitBase’s plans. And, according to the company, the next destinations are Colombia and the United Kingdom. However, they are still working on it, but they will not stop there.

Do not worry! Although BitBase plans to expand around the world, they do not plan to forget their national market. Thus, very soon they will announce the opening of three new franchises, which will be in Alicante, Benidorm and Marbella.

Likewise, they will install 20 new crypto ATMs in different cities of Spain. With this BitBase will have accumulated 85 ATMs, thus being the leader in Spain and notably distanced from the second most important.

Tell us! What do you want to be the next BitBase destination?