Wednesday, December 8

BitBase token BTBS arrives at Bittrex

As of November 17, the token of Bitbase, the company with the most crypto ATMs in Spain and the fifth in all of Europe, BTBS will be available on Bittrex.

BTBS will be available on Bittrex!

Recently BitBase has generated expectations among its users regarding the arrival of BTBS to a major crypto exchange. No more mysteries! The BitBase token will be listed on Bittrex.

It was in June of this year when BitBase announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency with the aim of being able to offer more tools to its clients in the crypto world. According to their official website, “The objective is to bring the world of cryptocurrencies closer to the public through easy, fast and secure financial services that are accessible.”

And, with this in mind, the total emission of BTBS will be limited to 100 million of the token, without the possibility of increasing it and only reducing it through burning through its use in certain applications.

Details about BTBS

BTBS, whose current price is at $ 0.65, and which can already be purchased from its website, in its ATM network, at PancakeSwap and Uniswap, natively coexists on various Blockchains. Being, of course, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain the main Blockchains for their high adoption and liquidity.

Specifically BTBS is an ERC-20 standard based on the most recent version of OpenZeppelin, the largest and most audited library of Smart Contracts.

However, the BTBS specs don’t end there. It turns out that the ERC20 token standard has a “Permit” functionality of the EIP-2612 added. Basically this allows the token that the gas of the transactions is paid using the BTBS tokens themselves, instead of using the native crypto of that Blockchain; for example ETH or BNB.

In this way, the EIP-2612 opens the doors to a world full of possible applications that would not be possible with a standard ERC20 token.

What is BitBase? And what is Bittrex?

To all of these, you are most likely wondering: What is BitBase? Well, it consists of a project that was born in 2017 and, since then, has maintained continuous and sustained growth. Always with the previously mentioned goal in mind: Unite the crypto world with the people! Make it accessible to everyone.

And, without a doubt, this step of listing your native token on Bittrex is a great step forward in your consolidation process.

Also, a very important piece of information is that BitBase was co-founded by Alex Fernandez and Adria Llorens and, if you want to know more about their professional career, you can access their LinkedIn profiles available on the website.

In this way, on the other hand we have Bittrex, one of the cripto exchanges safest in the world which is based in the Principality of Liechtenstein. In fact, a highly valued feature is its scalable and personalized trading engine that enables immediacy.

According to the press release, Bittrex is very meticulous about the cryptos that are listed on the platform. Therefore, “all new digital tokens listed on the platform must complete a rigorous review process.”

The growth of BTBS and BitBase will not be connected!

In search of expanding the functionality of its token, it was necessary for BTBS to be listed on a platform like Bittrex.

However, at the event where the cryptocurrency was presented, Álex Fernández, CEO of BitBase, assured that BTBS is one of the parent company’s little brothers, although its growth will be conducted completely independently.

BitBase does not need the token to continue growing. So everything generated by the cryptocurrency will be invested in itself “, explained the CEO.

Without a doubt, BitBase has proven to have the ability to grow steadily. In addition to its 61 ATMs, it has 26 cryptocurrency stores; which represents its main objective: to make the crypto market accessible to everyone. In fact, the last 5 establishments that have opened are 2 stores (Madrid and Valencia) and 3 franchises (San Sebastián, Lleida and Terrassa).

Likewise, among its short-term projects, there is a BitBase own app and the great leap that will take the company to leave the Spanish borders. BitBase is coming to Dubai, Portugal and France!

For more information about his project, you can visit the BitBase official site.