Tuesday, December 7

Bitcoin 2022 conference has a date, check out the attractions

Bitcoin 2022, the conference related to the world’s largest cryptocurrency, will have a four-day schedule, between April 6th and 9th, and will take place in Miami. The first will be aimed at the industry, followed by two days focused on the public and its closing will be marked with a music festival.

This is a great opportunity for those who want to do business as the event will be marked by the large number of players in the cryptocurrency industry, involving all possible sectors.

Furthermore, Bitcoin is becoming an essential part of the world economy. It is necessary to understand it so as not to be swallowed up by inflation and the control of fiat currencies. And, of course, with its music festival the event also reminds you that it’s important to have fun.

Industry Day, Business Opportunity

This is one of the largest conferences related to the cryptocurrency industry. According to Bitcoin 2022 data, the first day will feature more than 80 speakers who will address topics such as the collision of the traditional financial system with Bitcoin, analysis of the mining industry, as well as a deeper look in relation to investments in this sector.

Given that many cryptocurrency-related companies are becoming giants as the financial world recognizes the importance of cryptos, this is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn more about the industry. As well as being the best place for partnerships between companies, as more than 4,000 companies are expected to be present.

Other points discussed are the regularization of the sector, which often alienates entrepreneurs for being unclear, financial infrastructure and also a special day for presenting projects.

Main event with big names in the sector

The two-day main event will feature big names such as Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs, and Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, a public company with the largest number of bitcoins in the world.

In total there will be more than 450 speakers and 35,000 attendees, a growth of almost three times compared to the 2021 conference. This shows how Bitcoin has been gaining more and more space both in the industry and in people’s daily lives.

If you are interested in knowing how the previous editions went, some videos are available on Youtube. The 2021 edition also featured big names such as US senator Cynthia Lummis and even skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Music festival, Logic headlining

To end in a relaxed atmosphere, the last day of the event will be marked by a music festival called Sound Money Fest. Headlining will be rapper Logic, who recently announced that he is investing in cryptocurrencies.

Regarding the price, the pass to this festival is costing 99 dollars (BRL 550), or ~162,990 satoshis for those who have already adopted Bitcoin. The pass that covers the main event is $599 (R$3,300), reaching up to 11,999 dollars (R$66,000) for the “whale pass” which guarantees several other benefits and access.

With the number of attractions, speakers and audiences increasing, this is a good indicator that understanding Bitcoin, and the opportunities that surround it, is increasingly essential these days.