Friday, November 26

Bitcoin and blockchains open the doors to employment in Latin America: LaBitConf

The issue of job opportunities provided by blockchain networks, and the different companies of the bitcoin ecosystem to Latin America, was addressed during the ninth edition of LaBitConf that takes place in El Salvador.

At panel, moderated by Clementina Giraldo, CEO of the dots & tech firm, participated Cristóbal Pereira from the Blockchain Academy, Ernesto Contreras from Dash, Demain Drabyk from the Think & Dev company and Yesika Padilla, technology director of the Davivienda bank.

When asked about the employment possibilities that exist in the region, the panelists did not hesitate to say that there are endless opportunities to work in the area of ​​blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

In that sense, Cristóbal Pereira assured that for two years the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies has grown a lot in Latin America, not only due to the use of bitcoin and other crypto assets, but also due to the arrival of large platforms in the region, where he gave Binance, OKEx and Huobi as examples.

“There are those who have started collaborating with the platforms, for example, opening Telegram channels or as Community Manager, until they fully start working for the different companies,” said Pereira.

From the educational field, in Blockchain Academy, they have also noticed how it has been increased people’s interest in learning about blockchains and cryptocurrencies, highlighted Pereira.

Developers, this is your time

Regarding the areas with the highest demand and where there are many opportunities, Demain Drabyk of Think & Dev, an Argentine development company based on blockchain, said that it is an area that changes day by day and the number of applications to developers has grown exponentially.

In the expert’s opinion, currently there is no better time for developers And that was driven by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The coronavirus pandemic came to change the world for the better at a certain point, because today any developer can look for work and charge it with an international price. As Latin Americans we were used to regional talent having to charge at a lower price than other countries in the world, that is changing today, “said Drabyk.

Demain Drabyk, part of the Think & Dev team, assured that the most sought-after developers are those focused on Solidity.

Drabyk also spoke on the most searched profiles and explained that the “strawberry in the dessert” are the developers Solidity, which according to the Criptopedia, the educational section of CriptoNoticias, is a programming language with which all the code is built in Ethereum. It is specially based on the C ++, Python and JavaScript languages.

Additionally, he said that also looking for many front end developers with webpres, but also accountants who know how to pay taxes, business developer, among others.

It is worth remembering that LaBitConf is a space to educate and learn about the future and usefulness of Bitcoin. On this occasion, it takes place in El Salvador and more than 150 personalities of the bitcoin ecosystem participate, from November 15 to 20.

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