Tuesday, December 7

Bitcoin candidate wins election for mayor of New York

Among the announcements of the results of elections for mayors in the US, one of them is encouraging for the cryptomarket. Eric Adams, the Democratic party candidate, won the election with a good advantage and one of his main promises during the campaign involved Bitcoin, promising that he would make New York the cryptocurrency capital of the US.

Adams, 61, won with a total of 67% of the total vote, a big advantage over Republican Curtis Sliwa. The candidate and now mayor ran an extensive political campaign with many promises, including that New York would be increasingly important as a technology hub and focused on the cryptomarket.

During his speeches on the way to election day, he said that within a year the city’s residents could already feel the differences in his administration.

“I promise you, in a year you will see a different city. We’re going to become the center of scientific life, the center of cybersecurity, the center of autonomous cars, drones, the center of Bitcoin… we’re going to become the center of all technology.” Adams said during his campaign.

Nova York

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world and one of the most important in the USA, therefore, the interest in the cryptomarket for the administration of such a big city is very interesting.

Bitcoin validation by one of the most important cities in the world is a great sign for the cryptomarket as a whole, but this is not the only major city interested in this aspect.

While New York will begin its plans to increase its influence in the cryptomarket, Miami is already well advanced in this regard. Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami, has been creating new ways to make the city more relevant within the industry for a while.

The city was the first to launch a token, the Miami Coin, which generates a good profit and was even used as a form of investment in infrastructure.

In addition, the city’s main objective is to develop a payment program for its employees using Bitcoin and the mayor himself wants to receive 100% of his payment in cryptocurrency.

And even with all this positive wave towards the cryptomarket coming out of Miami, it’s not the only city that is developing a similar ecosystem either, the state of Wyoming has a growing cryptomarket hub. With that, we are sure that the US continues to advance in the development of the cryptomarket there.