Wednesday, February 21

Bitcoin continues its collapse and is already down to $35,000

The unstoppable fall of the cripotodivisas at the start of this 2022, In a general mood of risk aversion that weighs on the growth and technology sectors. The bitcóin, the most traded cryptocurrency in the world, loses another 10% in the last 24 hours and falls to the level of 35,000 dollars, the lowest since last July, after yesterday already registering a crash of 8%.

Another of the great cryptocurrencies, the ethereum, also falls strongly, more than 14%, to 2,170 dollars.

The virtual currency market is shaken for several reasons, including the possibility that the Russian Central Bank will ban both the trading and mining of cryptocurrencies. Another reason is the possibility that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) will tighten its monetary policy to combat inflation, which is leading many investors to dump shares of technology companies.

Likewise, the crisis in Kazakhstan, a country that concentrates 18% of the mining, has weighed heavily, where the internet connection was even ordered to be closed to avoid the protests that took place due to the rise in gas and energy prices in the country. country.

The expert analyst in crypto assets of the eToro platform, Simon Peters, believes that while Russia’s decision could have an effect on the price of bitcoin in the short term, he does not think it will be a headwind in the long term.

The head of Bitpanda in Spain, Alejandro Zala, has pointed out that the dominant sentiment among investors in cryptocurrencies is that of “extreme fear”, and points out that it is the third consecutive month in which the prices of these assets are at low levels. .

In Spain, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) published on Monday the circular regarding advertising on crypto assets presented as an object of investment, which requires companies to make prior communication when campaigns are massive, which also affects to financial influencers. Likewise, the risks of the product must be reported and attempts should be made to avoid references to past returns, which, if added, must be accompanied by the investment period in which that return was given.

This regulation has been published this week in the Official State Gazette (BOE) so that within a month, campaigns on cryptocurrencies must comply with the rules.