Sunday, May 28

Bitcoin crash makes El Salvador president post photo as McDonald’s employee, understand

Bitcoin’s drop in recent days has hit the market hard, prompting the president of El Salvador to post a photo wearing a McDonald’s “uniform”. Bitcoin’s slump reached a low of $34,000 in 2022, in a move that scared many investors in the coin.

It is worth remembering that the year begins with the digital currency losing 24% against the Dollar, in a strong correction.

While many worry about the drop, others take the opportunity to play with the future possibilities of this correction, which could lead many to “having to work at McDonald’s”.

El Salvador’s President Posts Photo Wearing McDonald’s Uniform Amid Bitcoin Crash

calling from new profile pictureNayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, published a photo in which he wears a McDonald’s uniform.

President of El Salvador in McDonald’s Uniform /Twitter

It is worth remembering that this country made Bitcoin official as a legal tender in 2021 and allows transactions to be carried out even in remittances.

In addition, the president announced several Bitcoin purchases, the last of which was over R$82 million last Friday (21). In other words, the country’s bet on digital currency is the largest in the world today among a government, despite the fact that this action is identified as high risk.

In recent days, Moody’s has even increased the country’s risk level, and the president has since said he doesn’t care about that.

With the publication of the president of El Salvador in the uniform of the famous fast-food chain, he declared that he is playing with the Bitcoin community, in an old meme of this one.

McDonald’s Memes Often

It’s worth remembering that these McDonald’s uniform memes are considered a joke in the Bitcoin community to relax while the market operates down.

As many who follow Bitcoin know that market corrections are normal, and that sometimes they are strong and even fast movements, the so-called “Hodlers” take the opportunity to joke that they will have to work frying hamburgers when this happens, since the currency goes through a hard moment.

In the year 2021, when Bitcoin underwent a sharp market correction, even billionaire Michael Saylor was put on a meme uniform. His company has more than 100 thousand Bitcoins, that is, he could have a big loss if the market went lower.

This meme also reached other famous profiles in the cryptocurrency community, mainly on Twitter, such as Cobie.

In addition, a montage was created with the image of McDonald’s as if the company was recruiting Bitcoin investors with the drop.

With the new publication by the president of El Salvador, he shows that he has joined the Bitcoin community and is even closer to it.