Tuesday, November 30

“Bitcoin creator must be nominated for Nobel”, says co-founder of Celsius Network

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is expected to be nominated for a Nobel Prize, he said co-founder of the Celsius Network platform at the Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s Mins Tech NY 2021 conference.

“I propose to nominate Satoshi Nakamoto for the Nobel Prize in Economics”, Leon said, noting that Nakamoto, by creating Bitcoin, contributed to the economic prosperity of hundreds of thousands of people.

He pointed out that cryptocurrencies increase confidence in the payments system, as they take away control from banks and governments. Daniel Leon also stated that the creator of Bitcoin “has brought more prosperity to people than most economists in the world.”


According to the Celsius co-founder, a large number of people have become rich thanks to Nakamoto. No other economist could have reached such a milestone. Thus, he proposes naming the creator of Bitcoin as a person who made innovations in the field of cryptotrust.

“Bitcoin is the innovation of trust,” he said. “Until now we had to have a centralized organization, a centralized institution between us, buyers and sellers. Banks, credit cards, PayPal, government, I say that putting all our faith and trust in centralized organizations is a really bad idea because power corrupts.”

“When you lend money to your bank, it pays 0.1%, but when you take a loan from the bank, you pay 7.73% interest. How is this fair? To make matters worse when the bank fails, governments bail them out, and when governments fail they just print money, 30% of all dollars in circulation were printed in the last 18 months.”


To this day, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is: the creator of Bitcoin has kept his identity anonymous. Several versions have been presented of who he is, but no one has ever been able to discover his true face.

According to the entrepreneur, “bitcoin turns everything inside out, we trust the code and not some middleman, as a result you can transfer large amounts of money almost instantly for incredibly low fees, with the perfect knowledge that everything will go as planned.”


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