Wednesday, December 8

Bitcoin critic in Brazil says that part of the community is cowardly

One of the biggest critics of Bitcoin in Brazil attacked part of the digital currency community, calling cryptocurrency enthusiasts cowards after being the target of criticism.

Luiz Fernando Alves Júnior is a manager at Fundo Versa, known in Brazil for managing client funds and becoming known in the traditional market investment sector.

On November 2, he went to his Twitter to talk about his investment fund, which he called a school, as he can learn a lot from managing these resources.

“The first fund I set up, I broke. There were mistakes of all kinds: position size, paper choice, over-leverage, expensive option, everything you can imagine. In 2.5 years it drops 70%, I lost investors but, as always, I didn’t give up. That was my school: the Versa fund.”

However, part of the people who followed Luiz’s explanation reminded him that he had been left out of Bitcoin during the same period.

Bitcoin critic in Brazil about part of the cryptocurrency community: “cowards”

Luiz Alves “left the house” with part of the community that reminded him of his investment strategy that neglects Bitcoin, avoiding any exposure to digital currency at all costs.

When publishing that the Versa Fund was a school, an internet user recalled that Luiz Alves should study about Bitcoin, which has already returned 132% in 2021 in relation to the Real, beating all financial assets in Brazil.

In response, Luiz said that he has already studied digital currency, but that, as with gold, he is part of the “class” that does not invest in these assets, and that they also think that those who have exposure to Bitcoin are just children.

Luiz Alves said he doesn’t invest in Bitcoin or gold, preaching that part of the community is just children /Twitter

After receiving an apparently friendly advice from a netizen, who just wanted the Fund Versa’s portfolio manager to watch Bitcoin closely, he apparently got angry with his followers.

Thus, he published that some people who turned R$300 into R$30,000 with Bitcoin are proving to be toxic against him, acting like cowards, and these people should look for a psychologist.

Luiz Alves called people who use Bitcoin emojis on the cowards social network and asked them to look for a psychologist
Luiz Alves called people who use Bitcoin emojis on the cowards social network and asked them to look for a psychologist /Twitter

Before that, he he said in another comment that hasn’t talked about Bitcoin for a year, not understanding why people are engaging him in these discussions.

Bitcoin has already registered great appreciation since Luiz Alves criticized currency

In April 2019, Luiz Alves said that Fundo Versa investors did not need Bitcoin. At that time in history, digital currency investors were beginning to see the market recover from one of its biggest falls in the price, which was branded as “crypto winter”.

Since that moment when Luiz Alves despised Bitcoin until its publication this Wednesday (3), the BTC ignored the noise and valued 420%, showing that regardless of opinions, whether contrary or favorable, the market bought the technology.

Bitcoin has gained 420% since he said Fund Versa investors didn't need the critical digital currency Brazil
Bitcoin has appreciated 420% since he stated that Versa Fund investors did not need digital currency / Livecoins

The case shows that the Bitcoin community may even be merciless with the criticism leveled at the Versa Fund manager, but that the price of digital currency continues to rise.

He recently participated in a Spotniks board, where he talked to a Bitcoin fan and answered some questions, but he is still firmly in the tech skeptics crowd.