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“Bitcoin cures cancer,” says Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the current richest man in the world, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, became a phenomenon in the world of cryptocurrencies after revealing his love for Dogecoin (DOGE). On Friday (19), Musk posted a meme portraying what appears to be a Viking raid on a village, the caption read: “No cell phones in sight… Just people living in the moment.”

Elon Musk said the meme is about a simpler time, when there was no cell phone and people used to live in the moment. Despite the chaos in the image, Musk described the situation as “a simpler time”, in his typical ironic demonstration.

A user responded to the meme saying Bitcoin fixes this, so Musk responded humorously that the “Bitcoin cures cancer”. The tweet accumulated more than 350 thousand likes and 32 thousand retweets.

“Bitcoin fixes this”

The claim that Bitcoin can cure cancer is often seen as a joke, but some say it’s a boring joke.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts see fiat money and government as a cancer, and Bitcoin is the cure, as Satoshi intended.

Despite this, there are some projects to make the phrase a reality. For example, a bill in Brazil wants to allocate bitcoins seized by authorities to fight cancer.

The American Cancer Society also has a project cryptocurrency collection to fight the disease.

“I believe bitcoin will play a key role in curing cancer”, says the organization, which accepts donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Elon Musk

Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin this year and announced it would accept payments in bitcoin. This was well received by the cryptocurrency community, and Elon Musk became a hero.

After two months, however, Musk canceled acceptance of bitcoin, claiming that no renewable energy source was used in mining. He then suddenly went from hero to villain.

Musk’s Twitter posts are so popular that it has cost some lawsuits and fines from authorities, as his tweets are often responsible for moving the market.

Although the billionaire seems to have lost that influence lately, as he has failed to make Dogecoin’s price rise on several occasions, people are still leery of his capabilities.


Musk last month tweeted a more lewd meme that predicted the price of bitcoin at $69,000 and ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, at $4,200.

The numbers have already materialized. Last week, bitcoin hit an all-time high of about $69,000 before retreating. And Ethereum, meanwhile, crossed the $4,200 mark recently and traded around $4,700 on Monday.

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