Monday, March 27

Bitcoin gave El Salvador’s seniors the chance to smile

Bitcoin is a technology that changed the lives of elderly people in El Salvador, a poor country in Latin America that had its life changed in 2021.

In recent months, one of the main events that marked the Bitcoin community was the adoption of the currency by El Salvador, which turned legal tender into an unimaginable movement.

After a bill was introduced by President Nayib Bukele, rushed through Congress, on September 7, Bitcoin became a currency in the eyes of a state for the first time in its history, about to turn 13 years old.

Before that, of course, a movement on El Zonte beach called Bitcoin Beach already recognized this currency as a common means of payment, whether for goods or services.

El Salvador’s Adoption of Bitcoin Gives Seniors Reason to Smile

A world without many perspectives and extreme poverty was a common reality among the elderly in El Salvador. With the arrival of Bitcoin in the country, however, this scenario is slowly starting to change.

One of the positive points of adopting Bitcoin was awakening the world’s view of the reality of that small country, which had a low quality of life among the elderly, even in terms of oral health.

But the Bitcoin Smiles project started asking for donations to return their smile to the elderly, a project created by a dentist who was a fan of the coin and who managed to get 1.88 BTC in donation for his solidarity cause.

His mission is to implant elderly people with funding in Bitcoin, and in conversation with the Forbes, the dentist explained that he has been reaching out to poor elderly people in El Salvador to carry out his task.

He mentioned some cases of elderly people who, due to lack of teeth, cannot even chew food, having to swallow to eat. In other words, the health of these people was very vulnerable before Bitcoin arrived and financed their treatments.

“They have few options to eat, often resorting to a diet of softened tortillas.”

On Twitter, on December 25th, the dentist shared the details of his journey that has brought quality of life to the elderly, who now have reasons to smile and eat better.

In summary, the arrival of Bitcoin in a society changed structures and showed that, like digital currency, decentralized solidarity causes also started to be developed, showing that digital currency is much more than a financial instrument, but also a philosophy to create a innovative culture around the world.